Toms River, New Jersey
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Our tempurpedic was delivered on Jul 9th - I immediately began to have problems with my breathing- I have COPD which is well controlled but as soon a I started sleeping on this mattress I was needing my rescue inhaler several times a day. Also I was waking during the night VERY WARM!!

Never thought to research how these mattress' are made and with what - apparently all "off-gas" (some longer than others) from the chemical manufacturing process and some people are more "sensitive" to these gases and odors than others. Beware of 2 things - 1) we were lucky enough to have purchased this mattress from a retailer that honors Tempurpedic 90 day comfort test period - not all retailers will do this - they removed our Tepurpedic this morning for a return charge of $175.00 - so our loss was minimal 2) If you have any health issues that may be affected by the off-gasing of these products please be careful before purchasing a Tempurdedic - they require you to keep it a minimum of 30 days (if you have the 90 days return guarantee) -and if you purchase one under this guarantee and are unsure of whether it is affecting your health, please, please send it back before it costs you the whole purchase price (ours was $3500.) - it will be a very costly mistake. I consider myself lucky that I was able to get this mattress out of my home for a minimal $ loss. The complaints listed on this site definitely helped me make the right decision before it was too late.

I am only sorry I did not look into complaints before I purchased.

Tempurpedic buyers beware! They are not what they are cracked up to be!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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You should see the lab report of what these mattresses are made of!!

Then you'd understand exactly what caused you to have breathing problems.

I've been sick for over a year now since buying a tempurpedic.

I soooooo regret not doing more research and just believing blindly what the commercials said about Tempurpedic.

These mattresses are full of TOXIC VOC's!! Formaldehyde is one of them.