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I placed an order for a TempurPedic Cloud Luxe bed on 8/26/11. I read on the FAQ page that it would take 7-21 days for delivery.

During the week of 9/12, I called 3 different times for status updates on my bed's shipping/delivery. On 9/13, I was told the distributor in my area had received the bed, they would take a day to inspect it, and I should get a call from them regarding delivery very soon. The call never came. So I called back at the end of the week on Friday 9/16 (my birthday) to once again determine my bed's location and find out when it was going to be delivered.

I was told by this second customer service representative that my bed had accidentally been shipped to West Virginia. They said they had my correct address in their computer for Troy, Michigan, but somehow along the way it got shipped to the wrong state, and would be put on a truck and delivered this week. So, I called back today, and the service representative told me that the bed was never in West Virginia and that it's been at the distributor since 9/3/11. She said TempurPedic had failed to provide the distributor some necessary information before they could deliver the bed.

She said she provided all the information and that I would hear from them later this afternoon. Of course, I didn't get a call from anybody, and nowhere along the way was I able to get the name and phone number of the local distributor. If I knew this was goimg to be such a hassle I would've bought one from a local retailer. The reason I bought from the site was for the 90 night in-home trial so I can exchange it for another model if I don't like it.

So now I get to call yet again tomorrow and find a customer service representative who will actually call the distributor, get my bed put on a truck, and get it delivered to my house either tomorrow or Friday because it's been nearly a month and this is just beyond sad considering I'm spending $4,500.

I will be following up and filing a complaint about both their shipping services and their customer service representative for essentially losing my bed even though it was in the right place all along and they just hadn't sent over paperwork for it yet. Now I have to call again tomorrow, have the customer service representative call the distributor, and get them to call me because all of my previous attempts ended in the rep saying "I will get this information to the distributor and they will give you a call later this afternoon." I'm going to demand free shipping and a 5-10% discount for this entire hassle.

Matt (pissed off in Troy, Michigan)

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We are going through this now although not as bad as you YET.

We ordered our bed in Rapid City at a temperpediic store.

3-5 days delivery time they said. After 8 days I called and was told it would be here a week later. So it should have been delivered tomorrow but guess what, it's not here yet.

They have 1 more week or we want our money back. :(


:zzz I'm just getting rid of a 20 + yr. old "classic" bed.

I love it and am buying another Tempurpedic this week. Sounds like you didn't buy one "the right type" for you if your arms hurt etc.

You need to be sure you get the right firmness for how YOU sleep. all my friends love theirs but it takes trying 4-5 different firmness ratings.


I liked my tempurpedic. Purchased 5-13-2006.

It is very uncomfortable now.

My arms go to sleep if I sleep on my side..It doesn't cushion well anymore. I have talked to alot of people who have the same problem after a few years


Why would you not go into a store and buy it? I went to Mattress Firm and got it that same day. It is the best bed I've ever had, but buying that expensive of a bed online is just ***.