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We bought a TempurPedic top of the line bed a couple of years ago. I was traveling quite a bit then and was not able to get the total painful effects that the mattress offered.

Of course, the 90 day trial passed before then. Now the my husband and I can evaluate what we have, and it HURTS. His arms and hands get numb, my back and ribs feel like I have been beat with a bat. I called the company and was basically told TOO BAD, guess you should sell it.

Gee, thanks! Why not use some of the advertising money that is spent telling people what a great night's sleep they will get and tell the truth.

I know a bed salesman that told me that TempurPedic has the highest return rate of any other bed made, that is, if you can get them to stand behind the product. Before I had to make these comments, I wish I could have slept on it.....if I could only go to sleep!!!!

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I have severe shoulder pain . My arms and hands go to sleep when I sleep on my side

Jeff F.


I had to have shoulder surgery as result of my TP mattress. It caused my supraspinadeous.

Sp? To tear


Same here.


Pillow sucks too and was not cheap!



Wish we would have seen these comments before. I had back surgery 9 months ago and prior to this I could not sleep in this bed.

I would sink and not be able to left myself out enough to turn over or even get out of bed. Now it is 9 months later and I am back to sleeping in this bed and my hip hurts from it and my hubby's shoulder has been hurting. Oh and the hot temperature if the bed is not a selling point either.

Wish we could take this back but it has been 3 years now and I did believe this bed added and adds to my bk problems and now my hip problem YIKES!! :cry


Aloha, we have a new firm mattress and decided to get an expensive Tempurpedic topper. I have never been in so much pain!

I have back pain, joint pain and tendon pain from neck to toe. Pain includes both achilles, hands, knees etc. we went on vacation and stayed in a hotel and I had no pain whatsoever. SO WEIRD!

Anyone else have this experience? What is it with tempurpedic???


My husband loves our tempurpedic but it causes me such pain. After only laying down for about 30-45 minutes each night the hip pain already begins.

Each night is the same.. uncomfortable hip pain. This is getting really old really quick:( My husband thinks I'm crazy and making it up since he loves the bed. I'm stuck in *** here trying to conveince him that the new 'fancy' bed we shelled out a ton of cash for (and he loves) is just too firm and uncomfortable for me.

We are past the 90 days too:( I woke up last week with such horrible sharp shoulder pain that I went to the ER.. Thanks tempurpedic for such 'great' nights sleep.:( I've never in my life had a problem with pain like this from sleeping until now!


I just recently purchased a Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme and started having bad hip pain. I have been to the chiropractor several times and also my General practioner who perscribed steroids for a week.

I want to believe that the bed has nothing to do with the hip pain but am beginning to have my doubts.

(I have never had hip pain like this before.) After 5 weeks, I am comtemplating taking the bed back. My neighbor has the Rapsody Tempurpedic and loves it.


Rebecca has already said what I would say. If I had known all this I would not have shelled out the money for this mattress.

Now I'm at the point of having to buy a new bed I really can't afford, but can't go on with the shoulder pain this bed is causing. It does support my lower back quite well, but just doesn't "give" enough for my shoulders. When it was new, it was great - but, potential buyers, be warned that the wonderful sensation you feel when it's new goes away, and it just gets hard.

I also agree that it retains heat and is not fun in warm weather, or, if like me, you are a woman in the menopausal years. Do not buy tempurpedic!


I am 53 yo and could always brag of a great night sleep..until we also bought the top of the line Tempurpedic. In the last 5 months I have been to the chiropractor about 20 times and continue to have pain and numbness!!

We too have passed our 90 days, but they insisted that you need to sleep on it for at least that time to get "adjusted" to the mattress!! NOT SO! $3000 later... now what?

Thank you for this site.

I thought I was the only one who didn't "Love" their tempurpedic.. I just hope more people see this before they purchase theirs


This bed is hot and sweaty. I also have shoulder pain and hip pain while trying to sleep, because the hip part of the bed gets hot and sinks in causing my spine to sag and the shoulder part of the bed remains too firm.

My kingsize mattress is about 4 years old and already is permanently worn so it will not support my spine. I am a little overweight but not that much. I know a conventional mattress would have lasted longer.

My mattress has been worn out for about 2 years. Therefore; this was a very expensive mattress.