Houlton, Maine
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If any of you are considering a tempurpedic bed...DONT!! I got mine in late 2007..I'm on my third mattress....that's right they replaced it twice so far and its a piece of ***....keeps forming divots where my husband and I sleep...and its like sleeping on *** in a rock.

We paid thousands of dollars for a uncomfortable piece of *** that stinks like chemicals so bad when its delivered you cant sleep on it for over a week!!

Plus the delivery guys who came with the replacement said they do between 10 and 15 switches a month..up here in the boonies that's a lot!!!!!!! The driver says he has a sleep number bed he got last year and he loves it..his only cost him 1600 bucks....i knew i should have gotten one of those instead!!!

Monetary Loss: $3900.

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Anyone who spends 4-6 yhousand on a mattress deserves what he gets/ PT Barnum was right. There is a sucker born every minute, Look at the business these crooks do. They do rely on *** people.



posts that have no value by trolls that have no life and just need to try to annoy people arent really needed. If you have helpfull info by all means be helpfull. Otherwise crawl back under your rock!!!

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