Craig, Colorado

You can't sleep on these mattresses because they are so HOTTTTTTTT. Hate it.

Never recommend, plan to tell everyone I know not to buy. Influenced to buy at friends' and doctor's recommendation. Be sure to buy this mattress from the online site because they have a 90-day return policy which makes sure you can get your money back. They are also coming out with a "cool" rendition of the mattress and that may be helpful but not to us.

Try good, firm interspring mattress before you get one of these. Maybe find a hotel with one you like.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $1574.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #658186

Any of you that are reading these threads trying to decide what to buy, you need to take the time to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH on what you are purchasing. I know this is America but homework did not stop at high school!

This comment regarding tempur's being too hot is just another example of someone raging because they did not do the research prior to just dropping 5k on an item. Memory foam mattresses sleep hotter that traditional mattresses, that is simply a common trait that memory foam shares. I absolutely LOVE my Temp Cloud Supream. I have had it for about 2 years and JUST ordered the ERGO advanced system, that is how happy and confident I am.

You all need to READ ALL the info. Look into the fine print warranty as that is also where a lot of these comments come from. Let me ask you all something...

Where can you find any given item with a 100% 20 year warranty? DO YOU OWN RESEARCH, OR DON'T BE SURPRISED WHEN THINGS DON'T GO YOUR WAY!

Lexington, South Carolina, United States #565404

Maybe you should take yur anger out on the friend and doctor as well. Why not drop them andtrash talk about them to everyone.

They recommended it to you.

Some people need to grow up and be responsible for their own decisions and stop blaming everyone. That is the problem with our whole society these personal responsibility,


I'm a hot sleeper and I've had no major issues with my Tempur-Pedic as far as heat goes for the most part. The only difference I've noticed is that with a Tempur-Pedic you sleep "in the bed" instead of on-the-bed, thus more surface area of your body touches the bed. Also since you are experiencing better blood circulation as compared to a traditional spring mattress, you might feel some warmth.

That being said I did add an Ultra-Tech Cool Sleep Mattress Protector to my Tempur and I have not noticed any heat issues - even minor - since. Gardner's Mattress and More in Lancaster, PA sells these with a 100% money back guarantee if you don't feel you are sleeping cooler, and they can ship anywhere in the USA.

I've also tried the new Breeze beds from Tempur. These are the ones designed to sleep cooler, and they definitely are cooler. I would only recommend these for the truly hot sleeper or someone with hot-flashes as you sleep noticeably cooler all night.

Pete Ruggieri - Sleep Consultant

Gardner's Mattress & More, Lancaster PA

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