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After trying the "Sleep number bed" and a couple of high end pillow tops we decided on a Temurpedic "Deluxe bed". I'm a retired firefighter leaving on disablity due lumbar spine injuries and needed the best mattress I could find, Tempur had bombarded us with advertisements for years.

To the point, this bed has not only made my back worse and caused hip and shoulder pain I NEVER HAD but now I also suffer from asthma, and an autoimmune type illness that the doctors can not figure out. My endocrine system is a mess, which in turn causes a wide variety of issues [ too long to list and describe here] The inflammation from my back and hips is believed to have caused much of this but breathing the toxins from this mattress seems to be another huge problem. After just 2 weeks off of Tempurpedic many symptoms have subsided including respiratory and a reduction in orthopeadic pains. The damage is done though, some permanent.

DO NOT BUY TEMPURPEDIC ! Class action lawsuit anyone ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $3400.

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I bought my tempurpedic in 2015. In 2016 I began having arthritic symptoms with swollen joints, knees that didn’t work and major sleep problems.

I was eventually diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis.

I am Seeing now there could be a connection. Has anyone had any luck with a lawyer?


I am extremely unhappy with Tempurepedic is the worse was not suppose to break down and it does, I am also experiencing shoulder and back pain because of this mattress...can't wait to get rid of it.


Need to join a class action against temper-medic. I complained to them from the first delivery and I have not been able to sleep on this deluxe bed costing me over $4000.00.


So...for those of us who now need to dump these nightmare mattresses what is your opinion about a new one? I too have all the same issues you do.

I have to use a cane to walk the first two hrs after I crawl out of this bed because my back pain is so bad. What have you found that is better?


I have had my TempurPedic mattress for 5 five MONTHS and I can hardly get out of bed my body is so sore!!! This mattress is so uncomfortable.

Our monetary loss is $10,000 and I am just SICK about it.

Can anyone tell me is there anything I can do? I did buy the mattress at a certified TempurPedic store....

to Anonymous TV #1511078

My husband and I, too, are out $10,000. I’m experiencing some of the same symptoms as many have described.

I’ll be talking to an attorney this week. I can only hope we all can get resolution to this problem!

Turner, Oregon, United States #1237479

I'm also very unhappy with our 2 year old Trmpurpefic Cloud Supreme. My main issue is sagging (wtf?!

I got this mattress after having the same issue with my Simmons BeautyRest innerspring!), but since getting the mattress I've also been diagnosed with 44.

Is there a class action? If so, how do I join in?

to Anonymous #1237490

Tempurpedic was the biggest waste of money ever. I bought a California King and within a month, it was sagging in the middle.

Despite having a warranty, the company refused to replace it. Also, went thru multiple sets of box springs, they kept breaking due to poor construction. The company suggested maybe I was a fat person to have such problems. Sure, a single person who weighs about 125 lbs caused all these problems with her obese body.


I threw the mattress away after a couple years. That was 4k down the toilet.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1224398

im in with you on lawsuit I have done everything to comply to get another mattress -just aplain $1000 mattress instead of this deathtrap $4000 'so called mattress"The company is so high on profits form retailers they will get out scott freee and all of us who paid BIG BUCKS are screwed.

N Johnson

to Anonymous Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada #1304060

I am also having problems. Bought my cloud on mar 2015, complained to them right away about my back and that the bed was sagging in the middle when my husband lays down I roll into the middle.

They had me take pictures and send them to Ottawa and then they said that the chief engineer said there is noting wrong with it. by that time it was too late to change it. Before a month was over after the purchase I went to sleep country and told then and they said the sleep country is a good company and they stand behind there product what! I have had extreme headaches, allergies an tired all the time.

I think we need to start a law suit I am too afraid to sleep in my and cannot afford to buy a new one. I spend 5000 on a bed and they said it was a great deal. I just finished paying it off.

I even said to sleep country that they could have the bed back, I just don't want to make my last payment and they said NO pay. i may talk to a lawyer but i cannot afford that either.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1224397

I wish there was another class action in my state-Florida/

This has destroyed my health with documented problems in respiratory problems and hip problems of my husband I got worse.

This has been a $4000 nightmare-

I jumped through hoops for them in my claim and they sloughed me off.

have you all ever noticed how they took off the handles on the mattresses? and you cant make a claim as the stretch material they put on top gives a false positive to the crucial test that I sent 50 pictures in for.


I've have the problem of mold on my tempurpedic.

Filed a claim: they said that I did not purchase a tempurpedic mattress protector but instead purchased the protector form the same people I bought the mattress from, Art Van furniture.

The claims department at tempurpedic denied my because of this fact.

After searching the wonderful inner net. I found that tempurpedic does have a problem on there hands. There is no way they can hide this problem, too many people are having the same problem.

Mold is EVERYWHERE on earth.

All you need is a sponge ( like a tempurpedic mattress). Now with that said. It would be hard for anyone not to understand that all that needs to be present is humidity and trapped air in the mattress a little body heat and guess what! The perfect environment to grow mold.

So we have a Company that knows that they have a problem with their product and is doing what a company that has a big up coming problem does.... Blame it on everything but what is the problem really is.


Hello. I was wondering if someone can help, or is interested, in how a Tempur-pedic mattress almost killed me.

My wife and I bought it two years ago and we slept on it for a year and a half and my mental heath, ( I am mentally disabled), became much worse. Worse than ever actually, psychosis, de-realization to the point of suicidal ideations, worst schizophrenia I have experienced. Also, a general break down of my physical health to the point where I felt like I was dying. I felt like I was 90 years old and frail and every injury in my life, even minor ones, were now painful and making it difficult to function.

Quality of life is horrible and I am only 58 years old. Several doctors were tried but they could not figure out what was wrong. Slept on mattress for a year and a half, not ever thinking it could be to blame. Mattress was delivered and salesman AND Tempur-Pedic say, no need to air it out.

So, freshly made here in New Mexico, in a plastic bag, mattress is delivered. Opened bag and smell is not bad so we do as suggested and sleep on it that night. By second evening I am noticeably ill. It was attacking my central nervous system and causing me to lay in bed, on this killer mattress, because that's what you do when you are to sick, right?

Having no idea that it was the mattress making me sick I continued to sleep on it for a year and a half. Six months off it now and recovering but it is a slow process. I am now super sensitive to all environmental ..."triggers"? and live in fear of the next thing that is going to hurt me.

To add insult to injury, no one cares. Called Tempur-Pedic and was transferred immediately to what sounded to be a lawyer who denied any responsibility and treated me very poorly. People should know these mattresses can hurt you.

Can anyone help me? Why doesn't anyone care?



to Anonymous #1042149

Hello ! I am the guy who started this thread " FirefighterCt"

Absolutely amazed by the comments / complaints that keep coming in on this product.

S I X Years, 8 doctors and no concrete answer other than " Inflammatory arthritis and asthma" Well things have changed a bit to include muscle pain, cramping, twitching (fasciculation) Muscle wasting and now GI ailments including a malabsorption condition that is being tested. It could be pancreas related which fits in with other endocrine issues such as FSH LH prolactin and prolactin all either way to high or low. Developed a large thyroid nodule (benign so far but about to be re tested) I am a mess !

Just recently my wife has developed INFLAMMATORY ARTHRITIS which is just what I started with ....her symptoms are almost the same.

Time to get rid of this slab of poison ! It's been encapsulated in plastic and covered with mattress pads for a long time but watching my wife start down the same path is too much.

Not one doctor will take the time to entertain the concept let alone talk about a class action.

The replacement might be Latex

to Anonymous South Dakota, United States #1243202

Hello, I am responding to your post a bit late but I have very similar symptoms such as yourself. I was wondering if you found out anything more about the connection of your tempurpedic and your endocrine issues.

If so, I would love to hear how you are resolving your issues and what steps you took to confirm the connection. Thank You!

to April #1548110

Very sorry I never noticed your post ....Better late than never ? Amazing how many people hate this mattress because of false claims made by tempurpedic and the countless health issues blamed on chemicals in the manufacture of it and off gassing the consumer ingests.

My health continues to suffer from worsening inflammatory arthritis / autoimmune connective tissue disease (never ending and spreading tendonitis) and NOW a muscle pain all over that will require a biopsy soon. Endocrine you ask ? Well I have 2 thyroid nodules that have been biopsied several times with inconclusive results but the ultrasound tests do not show the tell tale cancer signs even with one jumping from 4. to 5.1 cm in about a year.

Also the FSH LH cortisol testosterone are a mess... but no answer why and doctors don't have time to even think about ! All I know is aside from a well managed lumbar injury I was in perfect health before I climbed on top of that chemical cauldron. The medications are now at higher doses and a new immune suppressing drug is being added to hopefully stop / prevent more damage and keep me alive yet serious and life threatening infection is always a risk.

As for confirming the connection 100% it seems almost impossible to do or i would have taken the bastards to court long ago but like all these other people and various forums online ....You know damn well its the bed when you lay on it and wake with symptoms and they never clear up, just spread and worsen. There are countless chemicals in use here yet outlawed in Europe / Australia ....The chemical in Round Up that our produce is bathed in ! Own a hot tub ?

No bromine over there yet we swim in it with open skin pores here in the USA home of Monsanto etc. Curious what your medical condition / diagnosis is Best of luck, Bob


My wife and I purchased a Tempurpedic bed about a year ago. Unfortunately we have discovered that the mattress that we purchased from the store is the source of intense joint pain, muscle fatigue, and physical exhaustion.

We have been experiencing these ailments every morning after sleeping in the bed. They started shortly after we started sleeping on the bed and got worse as time went by. I was confused at first because the brand has been around for such a long time that I assumed it was safe but now the bed, which is now not being used and, is taking up space in our bedroom and I cannot get anyone in the store to help resolve the issue.

I have been assaulted and robbed by this company. I will pursue a lawsuit.


Hey FirefighterCT - I forgot to post as me before- but - I didn't know showroom models had to be aired... I NEVER, EVER even heard ANY of that....

no one told me..... nothing, nada.. zero.... I too have had increase pain....

I broke my back 7 years ago and after getting progressively worse over time, albeit, slowly, the speed at which my pain had accelerated can ONLY be due to this bed.... and it was only THEN that I developed arm and shoulder issues, major hip issues.... I JUST turned 48... to me- that's young....

I should not have declined THIS much.... as far as going after Tempurpedic.... a famous woman once said..."... sometimes being a *** is all a woman has..."....

I DO put my foot down when it comes to consumer products and issues that defy my integrity... I would never do something like this to another human for the almighty dollar... I don't expect it to be done to me... We come, buy, hoping and praying for relief from our pain only to have it be made worse????

Oh- no...... not in MY world....


I have contacted an attorney in CT... also practices in NY- I realized that the slew of medical complications I have suffered recently are ALL exactly what I have been reading here.....

I am attempting to begin a lawsuit- I have developed pain in areas that I have NEVER, EVER had an issue with, I have not slept through the night since I got this bed and landed in the hospital TWICE last October with mysterious respiratory issues and it's cost thousands in medical bills, prescriptions and sleepless nights not to mention STRESS- lack of SLEEP I a sure has something to do with it...... Tempurpedic has done NOTHING to help- nor has Sleepy's where I purchased it- which I could barely afford on Disability and negotiated a deal on a floor model, but it STILL cost me $2000..... not chump change. For $2000 my health has bee destroyed, but hips are in such agony I can barely walk in the morning and I developed arm pain so profound I thought I was having a heart attack....

I just turned 48 last week.....

will post info if and when I obtain legal counsel.....

to melissapleigh #989633

I started this ...and I'm still here ! ( they notify me of all posts) To those helped or just on the same page...Great ! To the miserable *** with their nasty comments...Eat visco foam !

My health issues are no better and have evolved to muscle pain and fasciculations (not good)

I'm sorry and amazed at all the complaints I have read....I can imagine a day when memory foam is treated the way of asbestos and lead paint !

Please keep me advised on the lawsuit, many seem to be interested in a class action.


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