Kissimmee, Florida

Go try out several other beds. I ordered online about 3 weeks ago for "white glove free delivery" I called after 20 days and spoke with Tyler, says the order went to the warehouse to ship on 23 Nov 12. I ordered on 6 Nov 12. Item has not been shipped and would take another 10 days to get. Cancelled my order.

Going with a company that cares about it's customers. I was not even asked about upgrade in delivery or a discount due to the poorly managed company. LOOK else where. Today is 26 Nov 12.

Pissed in Florida/CB

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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So basically your saying that your just an impatient person and since the company didn't bend over and take it up the *** from you, your going to complain online and simply just RAGE. Great review man.... really helps the rest of us!


The problem is that you bought on line. Not the product.

You will never receive the same experience on line.

If you had gone and supported a local dealer in your area you could have tried the beds, picked the one that was right for you and had it delivered for free in most cases and it would of come right away.

We see this all the time. If you think you can buy from a computer and get the same treatment as a person who took the time to help you and to develop a relationship of some kind with you - it's just not going to happen.

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