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Tempurpedic in only one year donated almost 4000 used returned mattresses to a charity. The charity had to pick them up, pay for trucking, and pay for cleaning of the mattresses that could be cleaned.

Tempurpedic said the used mattresses had a value of new mattresses. WHY would they do soemthing like?? I see that they must get a lot of returns if this blog is true.

Some of the donated mattresses could go to children or people that are sick and the people should be told these are used mattresses. I hope in the future Tempurpedic does the right thing and lets everyone know the mattresses are used if used and new if new so no one gets hurt if they have not already.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Totowa, New Jersey, United States #712598

TP did not sell 900 million beds in a year

The used mattresses may have had sick people or dogs on them etc

It's ok if you know what you are getting and the children will be safe

Sick children (especially ) should not get 10 year old used beds so a company can get tax credits that is all wrong, now that they are partners with sealy, sealy makes sure special lablels are put on any used mattress like the law says in some states

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #672298

We are so glad they donated to rmh, the old beds were beyond horrible. I know it is used, it was used last night by another family.

And tomorrow someone else. Thank goodness they can help us while we get treatment for our young son.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #580162

The problem is Tempurpedic is not telling people the mattresses are used. They are telling people they donate new mattresses.

So if they do not want to tell the truth they should atleast give the sick people in the world new germ free mattresses.

I was also told gifts in kinds sell the tempurpedic mattresses to people by the truck load and takes a fee for brokering the sale. I still feel that is a sale.


WOW Roger from Santa Clara says that Tempurpedic sold 900 million mattresses. There are only about 300 million people in the US, so I guess that year every man, woman, and child bought 3 mattresses.

Must be a great mattress. And 4,000 is much less than 1% of 900,000,000.


first of all it was 4000 in only one year that were returned and valued as new by tempurpedic. These were not new at all but used and some not good at all.

Tempurpedic should say they are giving used mattresses not new ones when they donate used. What if one has bed bugs or someone sick was on it and they give it to sick people. It could make it worse for them.

How do we know this did not happen? 100% tempurpedic donates used and dirty mattreses probaly for a tax break since they claim they are the same value as new ones.


I know a fire dept that needs 6 twin beds can anyone help? Temperpedic is what I am looking for.

They have helped me in my time of need, and numerous causes in our town but never asks for anything in return. Anyone please help. when you hear my story you will understand why I want to get these beds for our fire department. I saw the beds they sleep on.

Not acceptable.

please help.


Bed springs gerelanly do help with certain motions. Your other half may have to do push ups and may get tired holding himself up if you are underneath. It's easier if the bed is helping his arms.References :

Carpentersville, Illinois, United States #436646

I know for a fact that Tempur-Pedic has donated mattresses to the Ronald McDonald houses. Tempur-Pedic did sanitize the mattresses themselves, and the employees at Tempur-Pedic went to the Ronald McDonald Houses, took down the old beds, and set up the Tempur-Pedic beds themselves.

They also donate mattresses to fire departments, as well as silent auctions for non profit organizations, and to the habitat for humanity. Anything they can't sanitize and donate is shreaded and turned into carpet padding ...


I have always been of the understanding that used beds cannot be reused under any circumstances. Tempurpedic included and that if a bed is returned for any reason it is shredded and then used to fill dolls. Where do you get your info from and is it accurate?


They can give me one of their returns! I would gladly take it and clean it.

I would greatly appreciate it too! :)


4,000 returned units on 900 million sold is less than 1% returns which is 3x better than Sealy reported. Looks to me like lots of happy customers and a minute amount that bought the wrong comfort level of mattress.

Many customers will exchange for a different feel so I don't see how this is a concern.

Thanks to TPX for donating product to a charity! Well done!


I suppose you feel charities are "entitled" to new items instead. No wonder this country is in trouble. Something great for no effort put out -- not a plan.

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