Waterford Township, Michigan

My wife and I just purchased our second memory foam mattress. The first one was spectacular from the first to the last night.

We just replaced it with a Tempurpedic Contour (hard). This was the recommedation of the sales person at Gardner-White in Michigan (soft-med). After 2 nights, my arms and shoulders are falling asleep and my wife has terrible back ache. We contacted Gardner-White to resolve the issue.

They said that Tempurpedic "requires" a 90-day break-in period (lie) and there was nothing they could do. I contacted Tempurpedic who verified they "recommend" a 30 day break-in, not 90, but there was nothing they could do.

Now we are stuck with slab o granite that we can use and no one willing to help. I'm confident Tempurpedic has a mattress for us, but given their poor response and unwillingness to help, the replacement WON'T me a Tempurpedic.

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Andover, Massachusetts, United States #594761

We bought a Tempurpedic Cloud Supream mattress about 3 months ago. It has proven to be the most uncomforatable and hot mattress we have ever slept on. Add in the fact that the mattress and our bedroom smells like wet particle board because of the mattress smell, it's been a terrible experience. The bed is so hard and uncomforatbel it kills by shoulders and elbows to sleep on it.

I have tried to contact customer service to discuss my issues and there is never anyone to speak with. They take you name and number and do not call back.

To me Tempurpedic is the trifecta of errors:

1) the product is just awful to sleep on and smells terrible

2) The cost is 2-3X what the copetition is

3) No customer service at all.

I encourge anyone that is thinking of buying one of these mattresses to do their homework. We did not and now we are stuck with a bed we can not even sleep on. Good luck!


My mom & dad purchased a tempurpedic mattress at my recommendation since my dad was having back pain. They didn't like the mattress & wanted to return it.

When my mom called customer service, they said they couldn't find the order or account #. She was transferred to people who never called her back or were no help. Finally she found someone to help her after many calls, they came to get the mattress & they haven't had the credit to the account a month later. She called to see when the credit would be made & again they couldn't find her account or purchase.

She tried to speak with a supervisor & when she was transferred the voicemail of the person was full & she couldn't leave a message. Also, they will not return or exchange sheets & mattress pad that were purchased but never opened. We have a tempurpedic & love it!

I feel terrible that my parents are going through this hassle after I talked them into trying the mattress because they had the 90 day trial. The custo

The customer service has been horrible to deal with so buyers beware!!!!!


Don't know about the break in period, but I do remember that the new smell was very strong for the first week or so. We wanted to return it but were given similar stories and eventually talked into keeping it.

Before the sale the story was: "you can return it any time, has 20 years warranty, we garantee you'll like it" but the scenario was a little different once the thing was delivered. We actually slept on our couch for the first two nights, just to let the strong chemical smell air out. 5 years later, the wife still likes the bed.

I do not like it at all, for the last 2 or 3 years I frequently wake up with lower back pain, and it seems that longer nights (>6 hours) will make pain in the morning much more likely. Shorter sleep (


if you walk on the mattress that seems to help. It helped to break mine in.


i was thinking about getting this kind of bed but know idk, thank u bud

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