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I do like my mattress BUT even though I have their mattress pad and also I had to put my regular mattess pad on top of that one to try to stop me from sweating. I feel the sweating is being caused by the foam mattress.

Would like to know if anyone has any ideas to stop this from happening.

I purchased this mattress due to my back problem and it is great except for the above problem.

The money it cost me $1399 1-piece Queen Size is "*** me off" -- why do I have to sweat while I'm sleeping???? Warranty does not cover this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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I have the same problem. The sweat is constant.

Tossing and turning and wiping the sweat off my chest and face. Literally, I have been drenched (without exaggeration). It takes awhile for me to fall asleep inwhich you actually feel the heat rising. Its horrible!

I hate this bed!

Meopausal women, watch out, stay away! :(


Memory foam mattresses reduce pressure by being in contact with more of your body. But this increases insulation of the body. Most people need to reduce how much cover they use, or lower their thermostats.


remove the zippered cover and use just he tempur advanced mattress protector puls a fitted sheet 100% cotton then use top sheet and comforter that are 100% cotton only poliester doestn allow the mattress to breathe making it absorb you body heat.


Memory foam will warm up to your body temperature. Try removing blankets and sleep with a sheet and light blanket. also the use of two mattress pads decreases the natural airflow of the mattress which increases your issue.

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