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I bought a tempurpedic contour elite mattress a month ago and I have been sleeping in pain ever since the day I got my mattress. I also got an adjustable base which is not working the way it should from day 3.I asked for service and they said they would come in the next week and fix it.

A month passed and they don't show up or inform about the order. I called back and they said they miscommunicated and they will service the same Friday. But no show again. When I called to inquire, they said we don't know when we can service as the parts are in back order.

How can you not know about your product ? This is by far the most ridiculous service I have received on any product that you pay a heavy amount for. I would not want to deal with this company again. Customer service gets negative points.Peeps , save yourself from this pain if you can.Go for companies that value their customers health and well being.

I told them my back is hurting with the base being in an adjustable up position all the time and they don't want to replace the part.They would service it 3 times ( how ever long it may take to service) and then replace if the service does not work.

And the customer has to be their experiment. This is down right lousy customer care.I wish I had known better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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