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We bought our Tempurpedic one and a half years ago It is by far the worse mattress right up there with the sleep number bed. I call both torture Racks.

I have been in so much pain in my body as well as my check book. I have been trying to find some remedy for this problem.

Without having to buy another bed and getting rid of this bed.Getting my money out of the bed seems impossible and the more I read The more I don't like what I am reading.It all sounds like what i'm feeling. Kathy in oregon

Monetary Loss: $3400.

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I purchased a tempurpedic about a year ago and it was the worst mattress I have ever slept on. It seemed comfortable enough except within a few weeks my hips were hurting so bad I had to add what ever I could find to try keep my hips from sinking in so far.

On my first night back from vacation (where I slept pain free) my hips hurt so bad I had to use one of my spare beds.

I was lucky enough to be able to trade it in the next day for a plain bed. Unfortunately I was out quite a bit of money.


I guess there is a reason only 3 comments on here! You are the three people that dont like Tempurpedic!

My guess is that you purchased it based on price not comfort. Your salesman should have explained to you all of the differences.

They are extremely comfortable mattresses! Try thinking about a more expensive one and take advantage of the 90 sleep comfort guarantee!


I will never buy a tempurpedic again. Worst decision & yet so much money. Very disappointing


The first Tempur-Pedic mattress I ordered was wonderful. Under the mattress cover it was shedding very bad.

I called the Tempur-Pedic company and instead of them changing the cover they sent another mattress. It started sagging and causing my back to hurt. Before I call the Tempur-Pedic company I turned the mattress around it helped some for a while. I called the company and they sent me a egg crate bottom and a rock hard top mattress.

I slept on it the first night and could hardly walk when I got up the next morning. I have to sleep on pillows now on this mattress, they help some. I can't sit on this mattress without a pillow under me. I called Tempur-Pedic and ask them why they changed the mattress they said to fit the sheets better.

That's a bunch of baloney. The box springs that went to the other mattress is larger than the last mattress they sent to me and it does not match.


dude i know how you feel. i can't even sleep on the thing anymore.

granted ya, i already have back problems. i have arthritic discs among other issues, but it makes it to where i can lay on a couch, EVEN THE FLOOR and get more comfort than laying on that blasted bed.

not to mention the strain this has on other issues (married). never had a problem with beds (and i have had the back problems for a while) but this one is ***.

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