Los Angeles, California

This is absolutely the worst mattress I have ever owned! After months the smell is still stinking up the

house, and it is the most uncomfortable bed, I wake up with a back ache everyday. I thought after it

was broken in it would be more comfortable boy was I wrong! I have been sleeping on the sofa for days

now and getting better sleep than I have had in 10 months of trying to deal with this stinking piece of **** I am looking to get rid of the bed, this is the worst $6000. dollars I have ever spent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Tempurpedic is full of toxic cancer causing chemicals like formaldehyde

AVOID buying one at all costs!


When will everyone come to the light and just get what's been working for decades - a latex mattress. No toxic smell, no durability issues and comfort beyond belief.

Search "50 year latex" and watch the video that documents what I'm telling you. Best kept secret in the mattress industry.


The salesman was being less than hoesnt with you. You should complain to the store management.If you have a medical condition that required you to purchase a special mattress then, and only then, can you include it on Schedule A under medical expense.

Total medical expenses must exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross before any income deduction is allowed, and only the amount greater than the 7.5% is allowed as a deduction. Medical expenses are an income credit, not a tax credit, meaning it reduces your taxable income.

Also, you must itemize deductions to file a Schedule A. If you take the standard deduction you cannot claim medical deductions on Schedule A.


I have had this mattress for almost two years and wake up every morning with a back ache. Im to the point that I took a night shift just soI don't have to sleep in it. My husband does not believe me and I'm glad I'm not the only one that has this issue.


Im begining to realise most of these complaints are bogus from competitors or sales people with a hidden motive and agenda.

TEMPERPEDIC is still numero uno.


I purchased a tempurpeduc few years ago, store had 90 day sleep test n money back guarantee, so I spent the 4000 dollars got 2 free 100.00 pillows and gave it a try, in the store the bed I tested was so comfortable but after mine was delivered, it was a nightmare, the mattress was extremely hard, gave me back aches and body pains, felt as tho I'd been badly beaten with a bag of Rocks, I complained to mattress dealer, she said give it 30 days, I tried another few nights then called to return it because nothing changed, the dealer became angry and hostile, saying the mattress has to be broken in, do in and do forth, then they said they could give me a partial refund... I put all my complaints in writing, I had took a photo of the 90 day sleep trial guarantee they had posted, and I called diamond certified reps to make a formal complaint against company, I did get a full refund 10 days later, but they asked for. Used pillows back and were so nasty I gave up in tempurpedic, later I found out from another very informative tempurpedic retailer that the mattresses respond to body heat and warm room conditions, mine was in a master bedroom with a wide patio window which was always cold so the firm mattress was always extra firm and yes he said it would've ways been unbearable!


Because I wanted a tempurpeduc so bad after a year I researched it again and found that they had a newine out called the cloud, I tried in several stores over a period of 3 months before buying, gathering info from all different retailers, it was agreed amongst all that the cloud luxe was the best and do u forked out 4000 for it and another 3500 for ergo mastic adjustable cs king frame, I questioned about my cold room with patio window but was told it wouldn't be a problem, I got 2 free 100.00 pillows, free leg extenders for frame, 200.00 water proof mattress protector n free divery, it is the most comfortable nights sleep I have ever had, no aches no pains, no complaints, so my poi t is if you have a bad e Kerrie ce with one retailer don't let that ruin your entire product experience, tempurpedics are good beds, you just have to find the one for your body type and preference, I don't have a problem with over warmth because as I said my room is essentially cool, I love it, and if I have any problems I direct them to the retailer I purchased from, they stand behind what they sell and reccommend!