Plano, Texas
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Promised the bed could be returned. Then told we could only exchange it.

SLEEP EXPERTS rep. told us that this bed would help with sleep apnea, headaches, backaches. A miracle? No..we slept on the bed one night called and said "We need to return this monster".

Headaches because of the chemicals in the bed and the bed collapsed under the weight of 120 lbs. It is HORRIBLE. RUN...when you see the beautiful sleeping actors and the reps. that post the positive experiences online.

A friend bought one right before we did and he is taking his back. exchange...

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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This is a pretry naive view. One night and didn't support the bed with proper slats and pylons.

Avoid this horrible premature review. Sad.


My husband is a manager for a mattress company so we decided to buy a tempurpedic. After the first night I complained that it was very uncomfortable and my husband laughed saying I sounded just like those customers that call and complain after one night and that if I gave it time I would like it better.

And guess what, I do! Moral of the story, you can't make judgement about a bed after just one night!


:sigh After seeing the many temper-pedic commercials, my husband and I purchased a temper-pedic bed. After it was delivered, it smelled aweful.

We were told it would dissapate, but it still had an oder. Hard as heck, it would not get soft even after a few days. I was six months pregnant at the time, and at 2 a.m. I went into labor with contractions every 3 minutes instantly, and dialated to 4cm after 1 hour.

The doctors said there was no reason physically that I went into labor, that I was very healthy.

However, I swear it was that darn bed that did it!!! We sent it back and got a refund while my premature baby spent his first weeks of life in the NICU.


I have had it over a month :cry My husband is having so many issues and even my labrador will not sleep in the same room. I'm going to pay "inspectors" to check this out. Something is terribly wrong.


I have had my tempur pedic mattress for about 4-5 years now. The tempur pedic pillows came with the mattress.

The pillows were sooo uncomfortable and they gave me headaches. The mattress has a gully where I lay. It has not helped by back at all. This is a "real" tempur pedic mattress.

It is not a copy cat.

I wasted a lot of money on this mattress. I will never buy another one and I would not and have not recommended this mattress to anyone.



It doesn't sound like it was a TRUE Temper-pedic bed. There are a lot of copy cats, so be careful and get as much info about the bed as possible.

Contact Temper-pedic directly with any questions.

As far as odor and breaking down (collapsing) goes, my husband and I had one and had no problems. We loved it!


Tempur-pedics can always be returned unless stated otherwise by the store that you bought it from but usually there's a restocking fee involved. Unfortunately you can't base your decision of the bed on one night.

The beds do have an odor to them but it's non-toxic. I'd recommend using the bed for a minimum of 4 weeks before deciding it's not right for you. The body takes an average of 3 to 4 weeks to adjust to any new product. If you've been sleeping incorrectly for so long your body is going to want to fight you to get back to that position even though you're sleeping properly now.

As far as the "collapsing" the body will contour and conform to your body but if it's giving way I would tell you to check a couple of things. 1 the foundation 2.

make sure you're not using any heating devices on your bed and 3. if the problem isn't fixed contact tempur-pedic directly to see if they can help if the store you purchased it from refuses.