I wish I had found this site before buying a Tempurpedic. Now, my health and immune system are compromised for the rest of my life.

We purchased a left over model that had a ripped plastic shipping cover. We were given a VERY generous discount because the mattress cover was dusty where the rips were, as well as it being a left over model.

The very first night, I had a Grand Mal seizure with convulsions so violent that it caused hairline fractures in one of my spine bones. After the seizure, my new neurologist performed a 24 hour EEG & I have no seizure activity. She concluded the "out-gassing" provoked my seizure. A "Provoked Seizure" is not the same as Epilepsy (see below for more info on a "provoked seizure").

The mattress is not comfortable for my husband. He now has constant hip & shoulder pain.

Re: An example of a "Provoked Seizure" is when an alcoholic stops drinking, they sometimes have seizures while they are detoxifying. Those seizures are not Epilepsy, they are provoked by the withdrawal off of alcohol. Sometimes, prescription medications provoke seizures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Ohio, United States #869595

I too am dealing with health problems from the toxic off gassing from my tempurpedic.

I've seen lab results of what these beds are made of, and sat crying after reading it.

I was sickened to see what a toxic waste dump their mattresses are. And that this company

I trusted with thousands of dollars, was literally sickening me and thousands of others.

I wish I had seen this web site before I spent over 3 grand on their products.

San Jose, California, United States #746684

Tempurpedic mattresses off gas horribly. Besides the polyurethane foam off gassing, their chemical fire barrier off gasses too.

You claim to deal with seizures every day?

If you did then you would know that heavy chemical exposure can trigger one. These mattresses are a toxic epidemic and they have a huge legal department dedicated to squashing anyone who tries to bring it to light

San Jose, California, United States #746671

She didn't say it was the mattress, her doctor said it was the off gassing. what an unintelligent response.


seizures are not caused by a mattress lady. we deal with seizures every day and stress and underlying reasons are the number one cause. not a mattress

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