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I got my first Tempurpedic from a retailer five years ago. It did have an odor which went away in less than a week, although I kept the windows open at night.

I loved the bed at first, but over time it developed more and more of a sag in the middle, and I began waking with a backache. Since I had paid so much for the bed ($2,900), I decided to take adavantage of the 20 year warranty. The first time I called, the representative discouraged me from submitting a claim, and told me that someone "would probably have to come out to look at the bed." So, I put off doing anything for another five months until one morning, I decided that that was way to much money to pay for an aching back, so I called them back. The second representative was very nice and walked me through the return process (taking pictures, mostly) and said I could expect a new bed within a couple of weeks.

I was very excited about the new bed and happy to have called, but when the bed arrived, the real nightmare began. Within fifteen minutes of being brought into the bedroom, the whole house smelled of chemicals (sort of like a super intense new car smell combined with new carpeting and oil-based paint). I had expected some odor, so I immediately opened the window, put fans in the room, and closed the door. I expected to wait a few days to sleep on the mattress, and by the way, it was also as hard as a table, so even if I had wanted to sleep with the smell, I couldn't have.

The odor got worse for at least a week as the mattress softened up, or as the representatives that I spoke with every day told me--"the cells opened." I was advised to walk on it, put fans on it, and finally to *** the sleeve and wash it three times. After four days, I did try to sleep on it for three nights, but I made the mistake of closing the window (it was cold out in November), and each night I woke up and had to wash all the blankets and sheets and mattress cover. My pajamas also smelled of chemicals and all the clothing in my closet. On the third morning, I woke up with asthma, and moved out again to an air mattress.

I put an air filter in the room along with the fans, and was told that the offgassing could take up to a month. Well, this was starting to seem completely unreasonable for a new piece of furniture, and it was probably ten or twenty times worse than the odor I had noticed with the first bed. Supposedly this was because the bed was already five months old and had been warehoused at the retailer's and had had time to off gas, whereas the replacement beds are made to order and shipped out directly from the factory. It was true that my replacement bed had a production date of two weeks before it had arrived.

I was so disillusioned with this, exhausted from sleeping on the floor and not even being able to enter my bedroom without feeling sick that I called to ask for a refund. Each time I called, I spoke with a different representative who all told me that the odor was "normal" and "not normal" depending on the day. They finally offerered to send a refund but only if I accepted another replacement and that if that one had any odor after a week, I could get my money back. This was an offer I might have taken if I had not already spent over three weeks on the floor, but no one could tell me why the new bed would not have an odor unless they were going to do something different either in the production or shipment which they denied.

So, I said that I couldn't handle another three or more weeks without a bed or bedroom, and I gave the bed away (even after it was moved out, my room still stunk for a few days), and bought a cheaper traditional bed. I did really like the Tempurpedic for a few years, but after reading all the off gassing stories (one representative even told me her own bad experience), as well as the problems with sinking, I won't recommend Tempurpedic anymore.

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I have a similar problem. I left the mattress to air out for 8 months and it smelled terrible when we returned.

Customer service told me that u have to sleep on it every night for the odor to dissipate. They might replace the mattress if I apply for a warentee. I went to Sleepys where I purchased the mattress and they will talk to the rep. The saga continues .

I read on line of s lawsuit in Dallas Texas filed in 2013 by atty Allen Stewart. This problem plus the toxicity were included.


Just got my 1st TP this past weekend and the smell is already gone. Took about 6-8hrs. Love it!


Tempurpedic is LOADED with dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, I have possible permanent damage to my sinuses from my tempurpedic bed. You did the right thing in getting rid of it. Months after I got rid of mine I'm still having health issues.


We had the same experience with the top-of-the-line Tempur-Cloud Luxe Breeze. Felt comfortable but made me sick (wheezing, headaches, dizziness, coughing, etc.) for an entire 4 month before we got rid of it.

My husband did not get sick from it. I guess I'm the canary in the coal mine. Tempurpedic said they only stand behind their 25 year warranty if it's related to a defect in the mattress like sagging. Reactions to the toxic chemicals in their beds is not covered.

In addition they said we had to go through the retailer that sold it to us. Stay far away from this bed. It is definitely toxic. If you want some of the chemicals in large doses save the money and just stand behind a bus and breathe the exhaust or take up smoking.

You'll get formaldehyde and similar toxic chemicals, etc. Read the reviews on out-gassing before you buy. BUYER BEWARE! If you've had these problems join in on the class-action law suit.

Don't let Tempurpedic get away with selling their "top-secret", polyurethane piece of *** to unsuspecting customers. While it is comfortable and dust-mites can't possibly live in it, this chunk of plastic is harmful to your health!


Reading this and seeing that viewers overwhelmingly think it is bull, I just have to say it is almost EXACTLY our experience. Our good friends bought a Tempurpedic 2 years ago and like it, so we tried one, too.

Our Tempurpedic Weightless, a new model, arrived late in the afternoon, and we slept on it that night despite its chemical smell. Big mistake. My husband, an ER physician, awoke with a sore throat and hoarseness, and I experienced shooting pains in my head unlike any I had ever experienced. In the interests of full disclosure, I do get migraines, but these pains were different-- sharp and jab like, each one very brief but painful. We also realized everything stunk--the sheets, our pajamas, the large room.

We called our salesman at Sleep Train to ask about the smell, and he told us to walk all over the mattress to open the cells. We did this over and over, opened windows, and turned the mattress on edge in front of a powerful shop fan. For the next 9 days, we slept downstairs in another room. Unfortunately, every time we went into our master bedroom to retrieve clothes, etc., my shooting pains came back and my husband's hoarseness became asthma-like. He also developed headaches, and I had one migraine after another, in addition to the random shooting pains.

On the 9th day, our friends with a Tempurpedic came over to look at our mattress at our request. They couldn't believe the smell! They said it was nothing like their experience. Yes, their mattress smelled initially but only a for a few days and never as strong.

I have no idea what accounts for the difference. Many say that newly made mattresses smell worse because they haven't had a chance to off gas. But unless a mattress is used and being resold as new, the plastic covering them wouldn't allow for much off gassing in the warehouse. We actually wondered if the mattress had been inadvertently sprayed with a pesticide in the warehouse or in a truck. Sleep Train hauls off people's used mattresses in the same trucks they deliver new ones, so it makes sense they would have to fumigate trucks now and then to avoid problems with bed bugs. .???

Truthfully I don't know what the cause of our problems were with this mattress. But I do know this: the room stank and continued to cause us the same reactions for a week after the mattress was hauled away. I wore a gas mask to clean every inch of the room--all furniture, fabric, flooring, walls and ceilings were washed before the smell was (almost) gone. Fortunately we were leaving on a ten day trip, so the smell had that much more time to dissipate.

But I also want to relay my personal physical experience. The stabbing pains in my head were just the precursor. After a few days, it was like the pains "organized." instead of random shots of pain, I suffered sudden, extremely intense headaches lasting about 25 minutes, classic cluster headaches. The first day I experienced 8 of them. Subsequent days about 6. There is a reason these are called "suicide headaches." they are hideous and I wouldn't wish them on anyone. Fortunately, after leaving the house for our trip I haven't experienced another one.

I am not saying that anyone who buys a Tempurpedic mattress will experience what we did, but I would feel remiss if I didn't try to spare others the possibility that such an event might happen. If it happens to you, hopefully you will get whatever the problem chemical is out of your house faster than we did. It seems to have a "sticky" nature that definitely clings to walls and ceilings in a way that is surprising.