Newark, New Jersey
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I purchased The Tempurpedic Celebrity bed for 4,000 dollars. I purchased it 4 yrs ago and it's been replaced 3 times due to sagging.

It is the worst product EVER!!! I have a very bad back and thought it would help but it's just the reverse. Don't buy this product! Your back will hate u for it!

I called the company and wanted a different model, they said no! The bed is hard as a rock and this model was discontinued...for obvious reasons!

I wish i would of known about this website before i would of saved me a ton of money and alot of pain!! Don't make the same mistake i did.

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It's horrible. We haven't had a good night sleep in 5 years.

Pain all over, exhausted all day long. :sigh :cry :(


Purchased Temp Celebrity in 2007. It was our first time going to this brand from the traditional spring mattress.

It started to sag about 2 years into owning it. I thought it was part of the design to "Mold" to my body. In 2013 I read some remarks and found out that this was a defect. I contacted Tempurpedic and discovered that it was discontinued.

I am currently working to have it replaced with another style through Temperpedic. To be continued...........


We also have the Celebrity Mattress. Initial purchase lasted 1 1/2 years.

My husband and I developed back and hip pain. The bed was sagging in the middle. We filed a complaint and took the required pictures. We received a brand new Celebrity Mattress.

Here is another 1 1/2 years and we are having the same problem. I can hardly sleep at night. Horrible hip and back pain. Again we filed a complaint and took the required pictures.

We are now going to receive a third mattress. Since the Celebrity has been discontinued(no surprise), we will have to choose something different. I will say that they do respond to complaints well, if you supply the appropriate pictures. I will also say that I will never again purchase a Tempurpedic mattress.

We will take the new one and see how it fares.

A bad experience for $4000. I am ready for a good nights sleep.


How long haveu had the bed? I too thought in the beginning iy was a great product.......then it happens.

The terror, horror and pain starts. Im glad its working for u....but unlike me...i hope it continues....good luck and let me know if it changes for u


i have had the opposite experience.

it's the best mattress i've ever slept on.

it has reduced my back/neck pain. period.

i prefer it to other mattresses


This bed saved my marriage I used to have King Koil and vibrations would wake us up