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For the past year I have been having horrible breathing problems. I would wake up gasping for breath, all day I'd gasp and be unable to catch a full breath.

I could not understand what was happening to me. I went to the doctor but he could not find what was wrong. I stopped taking all my medicines thinking I was having a reaction to one of them. Over time it was getting worse.

I would just be sitting watching TV and no matter how hard I tried to get a deep breath I just could not fill my lungs. I felt like I was breathing through a straw or something. I was so scared and confused. Finally one day out of desperation, I looked up tempurpedic allergies.

I found a site filled with other people's stories about their health issues due to this memory foam that is made with toxic chemicals. I only had a tempurpedic pillow. I took it off my bed and got a new, organic pillow. Today is the 4th day I've slept without that pillow and as of today my breathing is almost completely back to normal.

I just went through a year of *** due to that toxic pillow.

Please do not buy any tempurpedic foam items! It is not worth it!

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yeah, john, just because people have allergies to peanut butter or nuts doesn't mean anyone should talk about it. After all, only a small amount of the population has the allergies.


How totally selfish a statememt. :roll



Have you ever heard of hyperventilation syndrome? (Google it if you haven't) The breathing symptoms you describe sound exactly what I have gone through in the past and finally figured out it was all in my head.

Still happens sometimes but now that I know what's going on it seems to give me the peace of mind to make it go away faster. Tempur material is not made with any harsh chemicals so I'm thinking that since you blamed the problems on the Tempur Pedic pillow, then got rid of it, your symptoms went way because of the placebo effect.


My partner was always complaining of neck problems and poor nights sleep as a result I purchased for

her a Tempura pillow @ £75 (after all what is £75 against good nights of sleep), anyway after a the

first night she infact did gat a good nights sleep and was very pleased as a result.

But after 2/3 days she started to get itchingh skin and came up in hives all over her body, this

developed into a burning sensation under the skin and puffed up eyes and face.

Driven to despair with these symptoms she went to the doctors who could not explain what was going on

after a visit to a dermatologist and several tests still no answer was in sight.

Until one day I found a web sight discussing health problems resulting from memory foam mattress and


As a result we removed the pillow from our bedroom and within two days the effects were all gone.

Now we are still searching for a natural pillow to give a decent nights sleep but its not nearly as

bad as the side effects of the pillow.


I have tempurpedic everything and love it.I don't think it is fair to condemn it, just because a small % have had problems. People are more likely to complain than commend.

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