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In May 2008 we purchased a Tempur-pedic mattress from Sleep Country USA at the Jantzen Beach Store in Portland, Oregon. I had told the salesman that we wanted the firmest version possible and he stated that the Classic 9" Queen Mattress was the firmest of the line. We proceeded to purchase this bed along with a Tempur-pedic queen foundation and a queen frame with wheels. The total price was $2058.95 plus sales tax of $168.83. We also purchased a premium queen mattress Tempur-pedic mattress cover for $119.95. In very small print on the bottom of the sales receipt (which we did not notice until later) for both the bed and the mattress cover, we later discovered a notation that reads: "There are no product returns." This did not cause us concern because Tempur-edic ads guaranteed satisfaction with the bed, had a 90-day money-back guarantee, and had been given rave reviews by numerous local radio personalities who claim to own one, as well as seeing it highly praised in Good Housekeeping magazine.

We were told that it would take several weeks to "break it in." What we were not told about was the incredible chemical stench that emanates from the bed. I called Sleep Country and complained about this and was told it would wear off. I asked about putting a zippered allergy-proof mattress cover over the mattress but was told that would "invalidate the warranty." We also found that the bed wold become quite squishy after sleeping on it for a few hours. I called Sleep Country again and was told that I had not given it enough time. I finally sent an email to Tempur-pedic and the response said that I should add a mattress pad and/or blanket under the sheet and that this would make the bed feel firmer and cut down on odor.

This is what they wrote in their email:

"I would be happy to assist you in making your mattress feel more comfortable. It appears from your email that you feel the mattress is too soft.

"I would like to suggest that you add a layer between yourself and the mattress such as a traditional mattress pad or possibly a blanket. Doing this should cut down on the amount of body heat the mattress gets and in turn should make the mattress feel firmer.

"Also check to make sure your bedroom is within our recommended temperatures, we recommend the bedroom is between 65 and 72 degrees, any warmer than this could cause the mattress to feel softer."

Apparently Tempur-pedic beds do not work in warmer climates.

We tried all their recommendations but it did not eliminate the problem. I had no idea that body heat could make the bed go soft, and hot flashes at night simply worsened the problem.

Eventually Tempur-pedic offered to give us another mattress but by then we had sold this one on Craig's list (for ¼ of what we paid for it) and bought another bed.

Since then I have met three other individuals who have experienced the exact same problems and got rid of the beds. These are very expensive beds and it should be made very clear to potential buyers that the beds have a significant chemical odor for some time and that they lose their firmness in temperatures over 65 degrees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Bought a Bob~opedic queen mattress@Bobs discount furniture in NJ.$1450.00 for everything.Did not love it at first~barely liked it.Its now 8 mos later&I've grown to love it.What firm,supple support! Some warm nights I don't use the a/c&I have no issues with this,as I've read others have.I had setup problems&a broken box spring that had to be repaced,& now I love that mattress.Others feel rediculously soft.


No kidding, I have to agree with DanD. The TINIEST bit of research on your part would have revealed these beds are temperature sensitive both to your body temp and the ambient room temp. Hope you learned something from this expensive mistake, but I would hardly blame the manufacturer.


With all due respect if you weren't told about the conditions of owning a tempur-pedic that's not the manufacturers fault that's the salesperson. I've been selling them for over 7 years now and I make sure that my clients have a full understanding of what it's like to own this bed.

If your salesperson didn't let you know that the bed was temperature sensitive and that it would react to your body based on blood flow and temperature he was just bad at his job. These beds have done incredible things for millions of people and I'm very sad to see that someone didn't do their job properly in explaining it to you.

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