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First, I had difficulty just getting through to someone to place an order. I called around 5 pm on a weekday and the representative who FINALLY answered my call after a 36 minute wait told me the people who could help me were gone for the day but to leave my name and number and someone would get back to me within 48 hours. Well, here we are, 2 weeks later and no call. Pathetic.

It seems they're NOT EVEN INTERESTED IN SELLING, much less providing any type of customer service once the sale has been made. My suggestion to anyone experiencing poor customer service? Write complaint letters to the following entities:

(1) your state Department of Consumer Protection;

(2) your state Attorney General's Office;

(3) the Federal Trade Commission; and

(4) the Better Business Bureau.

Believe me, they WILL RESPOND once they start hearing from these folks. Good luck!!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I've seen several people on here compaining about their purchases that they made over the phone or online. In some cases it is a service issue and in some cases it is a product satisfaction issue.

Either way...ordering a mattress over the phone or online is the STUPIDEST thing you can do. Do you people buy your cars this way??? Go to a store with a good reputation so you can order it in person and make sure to pick one that is comfortable. I sell Tempurpedics and can say that most of the problems people express on this site about them are mislead, missinformed, and in many cases incorrect.

We never hear these complaints in our store.

Sometimes it is due to lack of research and sometimes it is due to poor sales people. Find someone with knowledge on the product and you won't have mostof these problems.

to Go to a store! Tucker, Georgia, United States #674454

All these people complaint of mostly same issues. I've had slept on this ergo mattress for 4 + years.

Its a nightmare.....

back aches, hip aches, neck aches, discomfort in legs and arms, etc. So who is mislead, people like you who interest is nothing but that DOLLAR.

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