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Bought a tempur-pedic cloud mattress 4 weeks ago. Today it left on the truck that brought a mattress which is not programmed to end my life. When it 1st arrived it smelled of plastic and pesticide. I suppose that's what polyurethane is in some form. I was told by the company that the smell was common to new mattresses and that it would dissipate in a few days. Week one: feeling sick and haven't slept. Week 2: feeling sick and haven't slept. In the meantime as per company suggestions I have washed the cover(daily) and pounded the mattress with every broad beamed object I had around.

Week 3 sick as a dog, no sicker than a sick dog. Week 4 looking like I've spent 8 years at Gitmo, I trade the *** thing in. It's gone, praise the lord.

What product that costs 2500 bucks requires you to have a black belt to whip it into shape. Why may I ask don't they do that at the factory so that when it arrives it's ready to use out of the box rather than having it become a life consuming experience.

Free at last free at last thank god almighty, I'm free at last.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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What made you sick are the cancer causing VOC's and formaldehyde that they deny are in the mattress.

But the lab results do not lie, I've seen them, and that's what is in these toxic waste dump mattresses.

Buying one is a mistake I'm paying for with my health.


I really don't know why everyone doesn't just go with what works - a latex mattress. Been around for decades with no toxic aspect at all. Just google "50 year latex" and see the durability of these wonderful memory foam replacement beds


I have had horrible oozing rashes on my head, face, neck, and chest. I have spent thousands of dollars on doctors, medicines, supplements, and testing.

I have cut holes in my wall and pulled up carpeting to test for mold. The only thing that seems to help my symptoms is for me to sleep anywhere other than on this mattress and pillow. I have spent 7 months in a maddening personal ***, with my face looking like a swollen, blistered monster, I was on antibiotics for 10 weeks, went through food elimination diets - everything.

I believe that my rashes have been caused by this bed and/or pillow. I will have chemical allergy testing done next week, and I am hoping to get some more definite answers about this, but I want to warn others that the bed is comfortable on my back and *** on my skin.


Its the formaldehyde and other toxic cancer causing VOC's in the mattress and pillow that are making you sick. They deny that these chemicals are in their products, but I've seen the lab results, and they are full of toxic cancer causing chemicals. Get rid of it ASAP!!


I bought my Tempurpedic in April and when it arrived the smell was very overwhelming. Initially I wanted to return the mattress becuase of the smell, but I did find that by washing the covers and sprinkling baking soda on the mattress the odor went away within a week.


We purchased our Tempupedic Rhapsody 2 yrs ago. WE LOVE IT SO MUCH- we bought a lesser model four our beach house.

This mattress does take some adjusting to (a week or two) because the alignment of your body changes. It is sooo comfortable. No circulation cutting off and limbs going numb. I agree- I wish they would air the mattress before sending.

It's the same problem with new carpets. Chemical smells and maybe some folks are allergic to the foam? My kids have one and so do my parents. We all LOVE THEM.

and we all have different types. My Son has a very old model basic. He's had for 5 years.

Parents have classic with ergo frame (so great for when you've had surgeries or I'll). And we have the Rhapsody $$$ one.


Not only does the mattress still smell after

10 months it is the most uncomfortable bed I have ever owned. False advertising!


We just had our mattress replaced under warranty due to sagging. The first mattress posed no odor problem, but the replacement is awful!

Our whole room smells.

I thought the mattress may have been from a warehouse subject to fire or flood, but from these reviews, this is apparently normal! Yuck!


I completely agree. Stay away from this toxic nightmare.

When the delivery man dropped off and took off plastic wow....did it smell toxically strong...told me a couple of hours it would be better. Well it has been 5 weeks now and still smells very strong, and the smell has permeated throughout our entire house. As a person with asthma, the smell gave me the worst asthma attack I've ever had!!

Don't listen to the salesmen that say cut an apple and in a couple of days the smell will be gone....they are very, very wrong!! Buyer beware!!!