Had this bed for a two years and now my lower back is screwed, possibly permenantly. I never knew I could have such sore muscles in my rear end and hips and the tension has now made my knees sore when I walk.

It's from sleeping in what has felt like a saggy hammock for two years. This bed was 5 thousand dollars so I was stuck with it. They wouldn't exchange it. Big fat expensive lesson learned.

Will not just buy something without FULLY investigating a potential purchase again.

This bed has wrecked me and I rue the day I made this purchase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #846943

Bought tempurpedic in 02/ 2014 for $4000 on sale . From the beginning we were very happy.

I have a lower back problems. To be able to adjust firmness helped a lot . In a summer this matters is lit.bit hot but it helped with my back. In the beginning of the 7/2014 Left part of the mattress went very flat.

No matter how full you make it with a pump in 10 min its flat again. For company it took 2 weeks to exchange mattress and these 2 weeks you need to sleep somewhere but they don't really care, because they have a policy....... and your money already. We got new mattress but in 10 days we are facing the same problem but on a Right side.

Customer service is very poor and quality of products extremely poor also.

For that price I expect problem to be solved in 2-3-business days . I will not suggest this mattress to anyone.


I bought a tempurpedic, spent over 3k, and within 2 months it was sagging severely and the box springs were broken. Tempurpedic refused to replace, even though I had all the paperwork related to sale and warranty.

The woman on the phone, and keep in mind I was talking to someone in Corporate and not just a lowly CSR, laughed and said I was probably 300 lbs. I weighed about 120.

No one would help me, Tempurpedic refused to stand behind their product and violated the terms of their own warranty. Biggest waste of money, ever.


The person that bought the tempurpedic cloud and had it for 2 years was the wrong one you bought for a bad back. you could blame your own neglagents.

That is your own fault. I have a bad back and I am I on a muscle relaxer. I have a tempurpedic twin 8" mattress with no support. My back bothers me but it isn't as bad as you claim.

So stop exaggerating.

to Anonymous #809399

Shutup ***, no one cares anything about you!

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #799696

"Ask me...." if I give a *** about your back issues... LOL :cry

to Mr. Mattress King #809393

You don't know anything about my back issue, you are not a doctor and you do not own a tempurpedic bed do you? So explain yourself. I know several people who own a tempurpedic that have back issues and they bought the right mattress and they are happy with their purchas.

to Mr. Mattress King #809401

No one is asking you anything because no one gives a ***.k about what you think, you *** inbred toothless piece of doggy doo from Georgia! :grin :grin :grin Git yer a.s.s back in the trailer before Jim Bob beats your raggedy behind! :p :p :p

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