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I needed a new mattress after a recent hospitalization and was excited to try a Temper-pedic mattress. Wow, was that ever a huge disappointment! The entire experience left me frustrated and sore!

My husband selected one of their best mattresses, and from the moment we first tried to sleep on it we were horribly uncomfortable! With all their advertisements featuring accounts from satisfied customers, I was sure it be the best night's sleep I'd ever had. No way! Sleeping on a slab of bare concrete would've been better!

Words cannot express the depths of our disappointment! It was the most uncomfortable, unyielding and hard mattress I've ever laid on in my life. My husband contacted them in order to arrange for its return, only to have to spend several long, argumentative phone calls with the company in order to get them to agree to pick it up and refund our money. Eventually, after being promised return phone calls that never came and having to pursue them with phone calls of complaint, they told us that we hadn't "broken it in" as we'd been instructed to do when we purchased it.

No, we were NEVER told that we had to "break in" the mattress by walking on it for a half an hour every night before bed! We would not have agreed to such a condition of sale! My balance is very bad and I couldn't even begin to accomplish such a physical feat as that!

After much effort, we finally got them to pick up the mattress and refund our money. I've never before heard of a mattress that had to be walked on in order to break it in! These are expensive mattresses and really should come already broken-in or clearly warn the consumer of that ridiculous requirement before purchase!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

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This mattress is a big ***.Smells so bad.Very strong chemical smell who knows how toxic it is?but me and my husband had astma, headache, nausea, dizzness ..only after half an hour on it.To spend a good part of life on it, can take all your health I believe.


Wow, I was thinking about getting a Tempur-Pedic. Now reading the reviews, NO WAY.

First, I can not sleep in a hot bed,if it makes me sweat that would be uncomfortable, Then if I do sweat, mold would grow on the mattress.

Way to many start to loose firmness where you sleep and sag. Thats it, I lost any interest in your mattress.


My brother wants to buy one guess after seeing this he'll change his mind


I agree with janbpat that the mattress is awful! I purchased a very expensive TempurPedic mattress and it was great for the first few months, but once it was

"broke-in" (and past the 90-day return policy) it became so soft that I just sink to the bottom and it feels like sleeping on a rock!

I spent thousands on a mattress only to end up sleeping on my couch every night. The tempurpedic is TRASH!


The consumer is an *** because he expected to actually sleep comfortably on the expensive mattress they bought ?

Cole, there are few things lower than a shill.


Your an *** then. Of course a foam mattress needs to be broken in.

If you would do research before you buy, you would understand this.

I feel sorry for consumers that think we live in a perfect world and think that everything should come in perfect. ***

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