Warner, New Hampshire
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I found the matress comfortable, but after 5 years a split through the entire depth growing tranverse across the cenrt no measures 2 ft. It continues grow in length.

I called the store where I bought it, Harris Family Furniture in Chichester, NH, and they told me to contact the factory. No luck. I can not find anyone to get redress.

If anyone has a telephone number or an address to file a complaint and get help, please contact wdouville1@tds.

At first I liked the product, but now it is almost unusable.

I do not know if this complaint will ever be acted upon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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After throwing away $4,000 dollars, I now have back pain so bad I have to get up during the night and sleep in a recliner.


I wish ours would split open so I wold have a good excuse to junk it and pourchase another good innerspring. Omni Hotels in San Antonio, Tx and Austin, Tx sells bedding and it is the best I've eveer slept on in my lifetime. I'm 75.


Same problem, 3 splits in mattress after 6 years. Also having chronic shoulder pain but didn't think it was due to TP. Now I'm not sure after reading others comments.


I to have the same issue but in 3 spots. I just contacted 800-821-6621 and they are sending out a "WARRANTY KIT" once I receive it I am to take pictures and since the matress is only 6yrs old it is under a full warranty.

I hope you have luck with this number, this is a very expensive mattress that I thought I would get better sleep but instead I actually wake up with worst backaches and that was the reason I bought it.

Oh lets not forget allergies. Since the foam is just breaking off I am now getting short of breathe.


Tempur-World of Lexington KY is the parent of Tempur-Pedic. Their phone is: (859) 259-0754


you have a warranty coverded by tempurpedic for splits for 20 years. Go to the website and fill out the warranty claim process and they will ship you a new mattress free of charge and take the damaged one back.

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