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My husband and i purchased a tempurpedic deluxe queen bed with the impression that this is the best bed money can buy.

The mattress and pillows besides leaving us feeling hot, sunken in, heavy, immobile, numb, and red gave my husband flu like symtoms the whole two weeks we endured it. The off gassing is so bad it is seeped into everything in the bedroom. I developed an extreme allergic response from the irritants causing body aches, heeadaches, nausea, coughing, shortness of breath and palpitations. (i am a healthy active 36yr old mother of two). Eventually, the symptoms became so severe i had an asthma-like attack. At the doctor my xray revealed pneumonia in my lungs.

I wish i could sue them for nearly killing me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Seems like the people that like it have a canned response. I let it air out with the windows open and the fan on and my friends all love it.

I had mine for one year. I had developed spine issues due to the beds inability to decompress my spine and the stones formed because a chemical called touline dicocynate TDI caused dysfuntion in my salivary glands he same way this chemical causes salivary dysfunction in mice.

Even if you are not showing any symtoms, there is something happening in your body as you sleep on it. When you go to the doctor with some ailment, the last thing you are going to think is it was caused by your overly priced mattress that you and all your friends and all those people on he commercial love so.much.

I got rid of my mattress and all my medical issues cleared up. It took me 3 surgeries and lots of doctors visits to figure it out.


The first day I got mine I left windows open, fan on and bedroom door shut. Slept on it the first night.

Smelled like fresh paint so I was worried I'd get a head ache. Absolutely no reaction. I've had the bed for a year and a half and love it.. I mean yes I've been sick a couple times in the last year too, but I wouldn't pretend that's my beds fault.

I've read a lot about tempurpedics and they are not harmful.

And as far as fire retardants, every bed has to have them now, by law.. Except some organics or whatnot.


The mattress will make you sick if you are sensitive to chemicals. It did me.

I ended up at the pulmonologist after I bought the bed, because I became very short of breath, kept coughing, had a constant irritating feeling in my trachea, and a pain in my lungs. The Ct of my lungs and Pulmonary function test came back abnormal and now I am on inhalers. I sent the bed back but am still left with some bothersome side effects.

I would never recommend anyone buy this bed or any bed that has chemicals for that matter. I am going to buy a chemical free mattress.


Have had one for 5 years; never had any problems and no gassing off issues. Many friends have one and they all love it.


We had the same problem, headaches, nausea etc. They did not care.

We never were able to sleep on it but they wouldn't take it back. I hope people learn about this before it makes more people sick.


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I had a memory foam topper and loved it but we just threw it out after hearing of the chemicals and flame retardants. Looking for a thick organic cotton topper now.


I bought a queen and had the off gassing issue for 3 days. we left our windows open and the fan on high while we slept in the guest room for about 5 days.

We wanted to make sure the majority of the off-gassing had stopped before we slept on it. For the first few nights I wasn't sure what the deal was. It was hard to sleep on initially. I was thinking I wanted to return it.

I'm SO glad I didn't. after about 3 weeks of sleeping on it I can honestly say I've never slept so good in my life. I've further read that your spine actually re-adjusts to its proper position over the first few weeks of sleeping on a tempurpedic which can generate discomfort. Now I sleep on other spring mattresses and can feel EVERY spring.

even the beds with good toppers on them. I've tried sleep numbers too and have had the same issues. they feel like air matresses to me.

big gimic. but some swear by them so I think as long as it works for you, that's what matters.


i just purchased mine and i have been waking up with soreness and body aches. I thought it'd be better than my old spring mattress, but sleep really hasn't gotten any better.


Your an ***! I have been sleeping on a Tempur-Pedic for years and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have a ton of friends that sleep on Tempur-Pedic and they all love it.

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