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I bought a Tempurpedic bed delivered and from the moment they unwrapped it, the odor was sickening and started to effect me with sneezing stuffy nose and head aches. They told me this is normal.

I tried to be patient with it, and did as they asked, walked on it, left heavy objects on it, washed the cover, washed my sheets etc, nothing helped. After 5 months they said ok we'll replace it, because the odor has gone on much longer than it should have. The replacement was much worse than the first one. The next day after delivery I woke up with my throat swollen, my ears hurting, my eyes swollen, my sinuses stuffy, coughing up mucus, massive head ache, I thought wow I've got the flu or something!

I took my dog for an extended walk a couple days later thinking fresh air might do me some good, with in an hour my symptoms were completely gone. It was when I got back home I realized the toxic chemical smell had completely enveloped my house. Walking in the door with the dog it hit me like a smack in the chest, I could feel my lungs fighting to breathe as soon as I walked in. With in 2 hours all my symptoms had returned with a vengeance.

Struggled with it for a few more days, walked on the bed, washed the cover, changed and washed my sheets, opened windows when I was able to, nothing helped except when I left my house for a few hours. I went to see my doctor just in case, to see if I had something else going on, and as before by the time I got to my doctors office almost an hour from home, my symptoms were almost gone. My doctor said my sinuses and throat and ears were inflamed and something was irritating them clearly. TempurPedic agreed there is something in the mattress that's causing this reaction and seemed concerned how sick I am.

That was over a week ago, and now when I go out, the symptoms are not clearing up as well as before and I'm fearing permanent damage to my airways from this toxic nightmare. PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY bed from Tempur-Pedic if you value your health! THIS is NOT normal, despite what they'll tell you, it's NOT normal and it IS dangerous! I should have bought a Saatva bed, its all natural, organic and safe.

I had initially thought Tempur-Pedic was the best, now I know how wrong I was. And I may have paid for that mistake with my health.

My next mattress will come from http://saatvamattress.com and if you care about your health, yours will too!! DO NOT Buy Tempur-Pedic!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2973.

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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #1168976

We had a similar issue. We bought our Tempurpedic as a floor model, as I can't stand strong odors or that 'new car smell' (aka the binding adhesive).

Soon, my hubby was having night sweats and waking up with headaches. I kept buying him pillows and we went for chiro adjustments figuring his daily activities thru out his alignment. It never dawned on us that the odors and the chemical substances were making us ill. We had undiagnosed illness after illness and finally went to a naturopath that had the sense to exam us for mold and heavy metals.


We were high in heavy metals most stemming from the ingredients of memory foam and its chemical flame retardants. We are going thru expensive detoxing and we're in the process of replacing our bed (an organic, low VOC mattress) is due this week.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #816189

I purchased a Temper pedic bed in Sept. '13 & had the same issues with the toxic odour you speak of.

i also could not sleep because the bed was so hard & uncomfortable ( I have sciatica). The reason I bought the bed was because I had read a lot of reviews about how " great" they were for back problems. After about 4 weeks of little sleep & worsening back problems i exchanged it for a softer Comfor-pedic gel memory foam, & have slept terrible on that, back pain etc. there is a sag/ body impression of 1" & the company will not honour the warranty until it is 1 1/2" or greater.

By then my back should be completely shot!!

Warning - not purchase memory foam beds , they are ***!!!!!!!!!!these companies are all about money & do not give 2 s***ts about their customers! The Bricks sucks!!!


You're an *** for finding someone elses misery humerous. :(

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #799698

I think you may be alergic to your house.

Would you consider moving? LOL 8)

to Mr. Mattress King Lexington, Kentucky, United States #799704

I think people are allergic to your stupidity! By the way, you spelled allergic wrong, tool!

to Mr. Mattress King Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #799894

You really think it's funny that someone got sick from a mattress and has lung damage? What is wrong with you???? :(

to Mr. Mattress King West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #1168978

Mr Mattress King, you're an ***. You are a fool in denial. Good thing no one sues you for your involvement in lies.

Apex, North Carolina, United States #773289

Many people have issues with Memory foam it is a petroleum based product known for off gassing. Don't kid your self on Saatva, it still has Poly foam in it. It is being over hyped as eco but at the end of the day the polyurethane layers are still mainly petroleum based and will more than likely still have odors.

to joejoe #773311

I bought a different kind of mattress instead, no odors. Unfortunately the Tempurpedic odor has pereated my carpets, my curtains all my clothes, my other furniture, everything, and my house still has a lingering odor even though the toxic nightmare mattress is gone.

And I'm still having problems with my airways and lungs. Save yourself and do NOT buy one of these mattresses by Tempurpedic :( :( :( :(


I had the same problem with my Tempurpedic.

I think there is something very dangerous about what these mattresses and pillows are made from.

The fact they won't tell you what it's made from and hide behind some BS saying it's a trade secret concerns me too.

I was sick with my bed for over a year before I finally realized what was making me sick and got rid of the thing! Get rid of yours before it does permanent damage to you! I have asthma now, which I never did before, I think the mattress did permanent damage to my lungs and airways. :(

to SickenedByTempurPedic Atlanta, Georgia, United States #799699

"Ask me..." about mamby-pamby customers trying to blame their illnesses on the mattress 1,000's of customers are completely satisfied with.

to Mr. Mattress King #799896

Thousands of customers have been sickened by their mattresses. :(

Do you work for them?

Is this why you defend them? Pretty funny that just as a law suit is filed against them for making people sick, they "reimagine" their entire line of mattresses and discontinue every single one of them.

Coinsidence? I dont think so Mattressdork.

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