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My wife and purchased a tempur pedic mattress on Sunday march 25,2012. It was delivered on Monday at 1pm and uncovered by the delivery men.

The smell from it was strong and we were told that their might be an odor for a few days. However this odor was not strong, it is toxic. It spread through the entire house worse than if we had painted the walls inside the house. My wife and i put the bathroom exhaust can on and opened the windows.

We went to bed at 10pm, trying to sleep despite the smell. I tried to use the tempur pedic pillow but it too had a strong odor. By midnight I went into a full allergic reaction including tight throat, hurting throat, runny nose, sneezing and palpitations. We left the windows open all day on Tuesday march 26, 2012 only to come home with the same toxic smell.

I the mattress and pillows are now in the bedroom with the doors closed and this is the second night of sleep in another bedroom on the old mattress. Don't buy this toxic product!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Totally agree.

Tempur are toxic filth. If you have the slightest allergy avoid this junk like the plague


Received pillows for Christmas with the same problem.


I am experiencing the same thing. This is a replacement mattress, and this one smells worse than the original!

I'm so sick I thought I had the flu! The only time I feel better is when I leave the house. But with in a few hours of returning I have a head ache, sore throat, ears hurt, coughing, sneezing, stuffy head, even my dog has been sick! This is the worst mattress I've ever had!

The company tells me that this does not happen very often which is why they replaced it, but I can't believe them anymore after finding this web site, clearly it happens a lot! :(


I almost refused delivery of my replacement matteress after reading these reviews. I am fortunate enough to have received the kingsize mattress and it did have a scent to it. I opened the windows and run the ceiling fan on it bare a couple days and now the smell is almost gone.


Even if the smell is gone, the toxic cancer causing chemicals are still in the mattress. The mattress contains Formaldehyde and other cancer causing VOC's get rid of it before it kills you!


NOT TRUE! Where are the test results? Actual independent test results that prove this??


i had the same experience, only the bed still smells 2 years later - i have been sleeping in another room and will finally throw it out. the thing is toxic from top to bottom.


I have a similar experience with another famous brand -Sleep Number. This complaint is very legitimate, there are some people who suffer from chemical sensitivities and I am one of them. There was no odor in the store because the mattress's had been on display long enough to have lossed the odor.

Not only does the memory foam and egg crate foam which is included in each bed smell as they are basically made from chemicals but so does the plastic it comes wrapped in. There is a mattress cover that zips around all this and it is the mattress cover that absorbs the odor.

We ended up after a lot of aggravation having the company ship us a new mattress cover that arrived Friday and is airing out in our living room. Sleep Number is sending someone on Thursday to install all the individual foam components (at least eight for a CA KIng) as we cannot do it ourselves. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

I too woke up each night with throat closing and choking, migraines, nightmares and a sinus infection from blocked sinus's. I have been washing mattress pad and all linens every 2-3 days as well as trying every which way you could think of to remove the smell. One month later and i am still in the guest room.


Yes this fellow is an ***!! they smell for 48 hours if you sleep on it without covers ***.

the company tells the customers this before the purchase. i can tell you would be better off sleeping on the floor


Are you sure? When the days and dates aren't correct, I wonder about the rest of the comments.