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My wife and I got a tempurpedic cloud because we were tired of waking up with back pain from the 15 year old mattress we had currently owned. We had seen the commercials and every thing seemed to point to the cloud and a way to end back pain.

Since this was going to be a long term investment we decided to go with, what we thought was, the best option. We made a very costly mistake. I still wake up every morning with horrible back pain and now we both have stiff necks! I would never recommend this bed to anyone!

The worst is that I still have to payments to make on a bed I hate. I am going to go to the sleep number bed from now on and would advise others to do the same.

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We tested ours out in the store first and it felt like heaven. Then ours gets delivered and we were both wondering if maybe the wrong bed was brought to us.

Unfortunately, it was the correct bed. It was so hard and uncomfortable, nothing like the one we tried in-store. And we bought ours on sale and the terms of that sale would not allow us to return in. We have had it for quite some time and I still have neck and back pain, constant tossing and turning, and I can't sleep on my side or my side falls asleep- it is that hard.

I just couldn't believe how different the one in store was compared the one that we got and it was the same bed.

Talk about a costly disappointment. And we got the fancy base that lifts your head and feet up- waste waste waste of money for the whole thing.


I feel the same way! My back & neck are worse than they were. I think a padded board would be more comfortable than this bed!


Haven't heard good things about the Sleep Number either....but I can tell you, years ago, my first husband and I got a California King Tempurpedic, for almost 3 grand. Biggest waste of money ever!

Even now, when I spend the night at a friend's house, they have a tempurpedic in the guest room in which I stay and sometimes I will actually sleep on the floor or couch instead, it is THAT uncomfortable. Biggest piece of @$@#$ product ever. And Corporate is rude! Our almost 3 grand mattress had a sink in the middle after just a couple months.

Corporate asked if we were really big people (no, below average weight actually).

They were so rude, it was unreal. Tempurpedic is in my top 3 worst customer service experiences of all time.

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I think thnt I Will try One Out First .

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