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We purchased our deluxe mattress about 3 years ago. It was reasonably comfortable for a short time.

We then started turning the mattress monthly because it is so uncomfortable. That still has not helped. We cannot sleep 8 hours in the bed because both of us are in severe pain. I would never recommend a tempurpedic bed.

We spent a lot of money and are stuck with it. We recently purchased a pillow top to give it extra cushioning and that doesn't help either. We are totally dissatisfied!!! We are not in a position financially to purchase a new bed so we are stuck with it.

Do your homework. They do not honor warranty!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $4200.

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Purchased a california king mattress from these nitwits. Within 2 months, the middle started sagging.

Customer service was no help so we finally started calling the Corporate office. They were absolutely the rudest people and at one point, one of the employees taunted me saying she bet I wouldn't be able to locate my copy of the warranty. I said 'lady, I am looking at it'. Then it was suggested that maybe the mattress was sagging because me and/or my husband were grossly overweight (I was 120 lbs, my husband 170 lbs).

Finally, after days of the runaround, they insisted we would have to lay the matress on a flat surface and using a quarter as reference to the depth of the sag, take photos. It was a pain, but we did so. After days of waiting, they finally told us the claim was denied for a new mattress but that they would send up new box springs??? They did so and those broke completely within 4 months.

They had taken the original ones back when the new ones were delivered and when I called and informed them the box springs were broken and the sag had gotten worst, they refused to do anything. That I time dealt with a person name 'Clay' who also was extremely rude. When I had told him their customer service and refusal to stand by their products was frustrating, he laughed like a hyena in the phone, like I had just told him a hilarious joke an said 'Well, I guess so'. HORRIBLE company, would never buy another one of their products again!

In hindsight, I wish I would have reported them to a local consumer investigator, the BBB and the consumer protection division of the Attorney General's Office.

Illiterate, ignorant people working in Corporate and they absolutely violated the terms of their own warranty. Total amount of money down the drain was over 3 grand and mattress and box springs went into the garbage after less than 2 years of purchase.


Three weeks ago, I purchased a tempurpedic rhapsody breeze mattress and a tempurpedic ergo adjustable base. The base creaks when it is adjusted, sometimes loudly.

The company I bought it from keeps saying it is going to creak because of the weight of the mattress and refuses to do anything about it. I can still return the mattress because I am within the 100 day window of return, but they refuse to take the base back. After the purchase and all the papers were signed, he gave us a sheet and we had to initial a spot that said the base was not returnable. I didn't think anything about it because I hadn't intended to return it - but they won't exchange it for one that doesn't creak.

I am quite upset and hope to find somewhere to lodge a formal complaint. If I had it to do over, I would go with a serta adjustable bed and mattress. Tempurpedic has a 10-year warranty (full replacement) and Serta has a 25-year pro-rated warranty. Their prices are cheaper for mattresses that appear to be ever bit as good as the tempurpedic.

I regret that I did not look and more companies before purchasing.

I plan to return the mattress. I hope this review helps someone to not make the mistake that I did.


We have had Tempurpedic mattress for 7 years. Problem developed with the loss of support on the edges.

We called company who emailed us claim forms for warrantee replacement, and visited our local retailer to choose replacement. We had to take two pictures illustrating our complaint which we did and transmitted them to the company.

Within 3 days had a response acknowledging our complaint with the information that the mattress and base would be replaced within 7-14 business days.

Service couldn't be better in our case.

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