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Has anyone got a solution for sheets slipping off mattress? We bought a knig size pillowtop tempur pedic bed and it is cashmere cloth and everything we've tried does not work.

we both have health issues and thought this bed would be some of our solution but we have to keep fixing the sheets and had to but new sets due to this issue. King size deep pocket sheets are an arm & leg in price and we are getting frustrated. the mattress is very heavy and hard to move everyday to fix the sheets, having arthritis and fibromialgia makes tasks like this difficult for me to do. the sheets slide or pull off only in one direction due to the cashmere material, so if one of move around too much in our sleep, the sheets are off by morning.

we have contacted the furniture store where we bought it and they kept putting us off and time ran out for the warranty to return. we've called the company direct and didn't get anywhere with them either. we also said the bed is not what we thought and there is a sunken hole on my husband's side of the bed.


Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

Monetary Loss: $3900.

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Buy dream fit sheets online. They have straps on each corner that hold the sheets in place.

I have a tempurpedic mattress and they work perfectly.

I buy these sheets for all my beds and would never buy a regular sheet again. These are amazing and will solve your problem.


Dreamfit sheets! They are awesom3.

We have an additional foam topper on our tempurpedic and the Dreamfit sheet stays on perfectly.

I just donated all our other extra deep sheets and ordered a second set of dreamfit bc the other sheets aren't worth the hassles. I've found them on amazon.Com and on another site which offered 20% off.


I have the celebrity in king size and I think it is wonderful.

The only issue that I have had is buying sheets.

Waterford made sheets that worked but it was 200.00 for the bottom sheet only.

I have had some luck with flex fit sheets from and bed bath and beyond. Brookstone sells sheets solely for the tempurpedic bed and they are $200.00 but I have not tried them.


Try the DreamFit sheets. They are guaranteed to stay on. They have corner bands that secure the sheet to the underside of the mattress.


Jackie, I've found that the Premium Mattress Protector made by ProtectABed actually works quite well for helping the sheets to stay in place. I think you can google for them. Best wishes.


Jackie, just read about the trouble your having. Invest in 2 pairs of bed garters you can buy in the bedding department of any well department store. I know it helped me to keep the bottom sheet in place.


Yes....The tepurpedic is a celebrity. The pillowtop part of it does not come off for any sort airing our or cleaning.

There's a zipper around the mattress but it really serves no purpose. With it being cashmere, nothing stays on the bed! We have spent a few hundred dollars on sheets due to this and the sheets are harf to find! The sheets need to be extra-deep pockets and for a king size to top that, it's not cheap.

If for some insane reason you still choose this bed, specifically ask for "low profile" boxspring/platform otherwise you'll need to buy a step stool too.

From floor to top of mattress, our bed is 30 inches tall and that is low profile.Our dog learned last summer how to turn on ceiling fan by sitting on bed and pulling the string, it's that high.Not comfy for the bucks! GOOD LUCK!!!



Is this the Celebrity?


Is this the Celebrity Tempurpedic? I was thinking about buying this one..

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