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Well you can add me to the group of people who thought if you spent $4000 on a mattress it might last you a lifetime, especially if you were already in your 50's. Well we did just that.

It's an absolute terrible bed. We've owned it 3 years. My neck has a bulging disk, I've developed hip pain from constantly trying to adjust myself to compensate for the sag.

My husband has reoccuring back problems and has just gone 3 weeks straight to the chiropractor. Hope this helps you it's too late for our loss.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Ive had matrees 11/2 yrs-bought same month and wish I knew a class actionlawsuit was filed for this about the foam and off gasing and serious health problems.After I has the matress I devoped low oxygen levels and now have to wear a oxygen tank on Airplane flights-which is big deal for us.I also have had to start wearing a CAPA machne every night!

I have terrible new aches in shouldersI suspect from trying to turn on bed -my back is worse not any better.

When I sleep in another room and test my back I get out of bed better on a plain regular hard mattress and the minute I get out of bed with this mattress is painful and distressed.I try my best to g to bed late so I wont have to get up for restroom in middle of night as so hard to roll and get out of the bed.

No handles, you cant move it,no way to look at the foam and condition as now an un zippable cover. Ive tried to return it-I have a $4,000 loss and am so sad.Who wants to throw that kind of money away?


Also, you can check this


In the month I've been sleeping on the tempurpedic in my mom's guest room, my back has been in almost constant pain. I'm a thin, healthy 33 year old with no previous back issues.

There is just no support whatsoever and the pain has gotten progressively worse over the course of the month. I'm counting down the days until I'm back on my own wool/innerspring mattress.


I've owned a tempurpedic classic bed for almost 10 years now. Best investment ever.

Very rarely do I get up with back pain, and its usually because I fall asleep on something, like a book or game. If you are having back pain and/or health issues, try this: change your diet to lose the extra weight causing the extra pain. And do some exercises to strengthen your joints and muscles.

Then you will see just how comfortable this bed really is.


Listen buddy, I don't need you telling me that I need to lose weight or do exercises to strengthen my joints. I'm a 30 year old with a body fat percent of 9 who goes to the gym 5x per week, and my tempurpedic causes my hips to sag while I'm sleeping which results in lower back pain every day.


same here. I'm ready to just *** the 2500k and get a regular bed.

i went to a hotel for a week sleeping on a normal bed and no lower back pain after 3 days. I too am in great shape, and know for a fact that its this expensive overly hot and quicksand mattress.


I bought a Tempurpedic Signature (firm) which was too firm, so after 30 days exchanged it for the Cloud. I still hate this bed.

I wake up with pain every morning now. I called Tempurpedic and basically they said too bad, so sad. I dread going to bed and can hardly wait to get out of it in the morning, I've tried pads, quilts, toppers between me and the mattress as Tempurpedic suggests with no resolution.

I wrote Tempurpedic and told them as a nurse, I talk to people a lot about quality sleep and I will never ever recommend a Tempurpedic. I am thinking about just taking a loss and selling it on Craig's list.


I have had the cloud for a week now and feel the same as you! I miss my old pillow top so much!

Why does everyone make it sound like this is THEE bed to get? It is hard as a rock and NO support. Giving it a little more time, but don't think we are keeping it.

Shouldn't you sleep comfortably through the night without waking up in pain right from the first night? This bed is so uncomfortable it will take forever to break it in at this rate unless my husband and I each weigh 500 lbs.


I've had a tempurpedic matress for 4 years. I initially loved it.

Unfortunately, as time goes by, the sag has become more and more pronounced. I now have constant back pain that is miraculously cured when I sleep in the guest room.

In addition to the sag, the matress is hotter than ***.

I often wake up full of sweat - this happens in the middle of winter or with the AC going full blast in the summer. Bad product


People! No bed will fix medical problems!

The key is to get treatment and find a bed that doesn't contribute to the problem if you can. For 30 years I bought top of the line mattresses. 2 years after buying every one of them,I developed lower back pain. After so many years, Ibought a sleep number bed.

NEVER had a lower back ache from it Ever!

A few years later, I had an opportunity to try a Tempur-pedic. I was very impressed. I was supported well. The only thing I can say negatively about it is that the firmness changes with temperature.

Its softer when warm and stiffer when cool.

When its stiffer (say 60deg.F or cooler)I find I change positions more but still get a supported nights sleep. Here's the best part for me: On the sleep number, I would get up 3-4 times a night to *** With the Tempur, I never have to get up throughout the night to ***


I have no desire but to help someone that may already have a nice mattress and because you are the type that pays for comfort hence you already have spent money on a mattress in the past now you are looking at the Cloud Tempu Pedic. Don't do it without a 90 day full refund policy.

I bought because I have the cash to do so. I had spent 5K+ on a previous deep 21" pillow top. So after 10 years with that one I thought spending the money before was a good move and with all the 5 star ratings all over the web this is the obvious choice. What a joke this company should be sued by everyone of us.

I hate it my wife hates it and they already carried off my other one. I really only have one question how does a company get so many people saying great things about them? I very seldom get taken.

I feel 100% ripped off by this bed and all those that sell them. :(


So you want to sue them because your wife doesn't like it?!?! So how many Lawsuits have you filled in your life?

It CLEARLY states that COMFORT is not covered.

You feel 100% ripped off because YOU know that YOU should have done the research prior to blindly dropping 5K+. Next time you write a review, maybe include something that is actually relevant.


Hey Mendo, do you work for Tempurpedic? I did my research.

Had no back issues. I bought a 3k king sized bed and have been almost disabled by the pain in my back neck and legs. I can barely walk.

I stopped sleeping on the tempurpedic and within 10 days I felt 80% better. This bed has destroyed my life for the last 4 years.

my career and personal life were destroyed as well, because i could not move! I I could find a lawyer I would sue the *** out of them.


Who would sleep for 4 hears on a bed that causes pain - plain *** - sell the darn thing of you don't like it - 90 days try out are plenty to see if you like it - no? I am not a promoter of tempurpedic - in fact i don't do well on their beds either- but claiming that a BED destroyed your life is rediculous - Take responsibility, ditch the offending bed and don't blame others for choosing a mattress you don't like


I bought a tempur cloud supreme a couple years ago and pd the 4 k for it and I have been in pain since this bed works well for my wife who prefers a softer bed however for me I am sucking it up 4k loss but I do have a happy wife. My brother bought as well and he hurts from it. I believe that this model does not have enough support much like tempur customer service.


I too was suckered in by all the commercials and the sample beds in the stores ARE ALOT softer that's the rock I purchased. I wanted an in between not too soft not too hard.

Pffft well ha, I paid 4 thousand for a king sized rock. I comPlained and was told there's a "break in" period. Well 3 years later it still hasn't broken in. I wake up with the worst bilateral hip pain and low back pain.

I toss and turn all night every night. I've changed the pillows and I've tried sleeping with a pillow between my knees ( as suggested) for better "alignment". Give me a break.

I wake up with pain everyday. Don't buy a tempurpedic.


There are at least 13 different different types of beds. Are you telling us that you tried all beds and ALL were like that? I'm guessing you ordered online, did NOT research your purchase, and now here we are!


I wish I had looked up complaints of joint pain and hardness when we bought our tempurpedic last year. During the trial period I would wake up with sore ribs and shoulders and customer service said I had to break the bed in.

I didn't want to believe that there was something wrong with the bed, so we opted to keep it.

Now, 10 months later, we're miserable still and out $3800. Don't believe the hype, and don't think you're crazy either.


Lucille, the comments are very true. My wife has complained about the mattress for the past couple of years.

Over the past few months I have come to realize my morning back pain is a result of our mattress. When you spend that much money on a mattress, (king size, pillowtop, top of the line 4 years ago) you really don't want to admit you got sucked into the hype.


I am in Australia. We have had a tempur celebrity for about 2 years. The first night I slept in it I woke up with neck and shoulder pain. This has not stopped and some mornings I feel as if I haven't slept.

We paid $4,000 for the mattress and can't afford another at the moment. I hate it so much.

We went away for a weekend and I slept like a baby and woke up with no pain at all

I would never ever buy one again,

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