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Well you can add me to the group of people who thought if you spent $4000 on a mattress it might last you a lifetime, especially if you were already in your 50's. Well we did just that.

It's an absolute terrible bed. We've owned it 3 years. My neck has a bulging disk, I've developed hip pain from constantly trying to adjust myself to compensate for the sag.

My husband has reoccuring back problems and has just gone 3 weeks straight to the chiropractor. Hope this helps you it's too late for our loss.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

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Since I bought the Tempur Cloud is have had nothing but pain, every morning. Last night I took to sleeping on an inflatable Aero bed with topper and it was more comfortable than the Tempur!

Also, no pain in my hip, for which I have had treatment over the past two years. Now, just like lots of other people, I am stuck with pain and an expensive bed!


First, you don't " flip " a tempur-pedic. Besides try that with a king size.

Second, doctors recommend alot of things. Doesn't make them smarter than me. Year seven our mattress was done. It's like sleeping in a hammock.

The center is as good as the day we bought it. No support at all, very soft. We've dealt with now for two more years and have just purchased a Sterns & Foster Lucas Park Ultra-Firm, no complaints from anyone I've talked to. We misplaced our receipt for out Tempur-pedic, our bad, so no warranty.

Plus, there must be more than 3/4" depression without lying on it. I weigh 180 and it sinks several inches but comes back up after getting up. Its warm in the winter but also hot in the summer. Thru the years I've noticed more sinus trouble along with headaches, my wife also.

We wonder if there could be something to the claims of illness due to chemicals in the foam. One thing for sure , 5 hours and I'm up and out. I have spinal injuries but this bed really aggravates my condition .

Should have gotten rid of it 2 years ago. Anyone else with this experience.


I am on my third Tempurpedic mattress in three monthes!! I have SI joint dysfunction on both sides and Piriformis syndrome.

I am fifty years old. I was so excited to purchase a mattress that felt like you were sleeping on a "cloud". The first model I purchased was their new Contour Signature. Hard as a rock.

They came and took it away and brought the Cloud Supreme. Same problem. Hard as a rock! I would wake up in agony every morning.

In desperation, I upgraded another $1,000.00 for a total of $3,999.00 to Tempurpedic's Cloud Luxe. I figured since Tempupedic stated that this was the softest bed they ever created, it must be like the "cloud" experience I felt in the store. Now I am sending this Cloud Luxe back as well. It is like sleeping on a piece of plywood!!

I wanted a bed that would support my spine but yet be gentle to my SI joints (I'm a back sleeper). I toss and turn into the night from the pain the hardness causes my SI joints, then end of tossing from side to side and wake up with throbbing hip joints and severe low back pain!! I think this is very odd that three of Tempupedic's mattresses are all way too hard. I would not recommend the bed to anyone unless they wanted a extremely hard bed and were use to sleeping on one.

I am aggravated beyond belief having to go through all of this! I purchased a regular new Serta "Paxton" the other day and will just add my two memory foam toppers, and save $3,000.00 when all is said and done.

I wish the mattresses I had felt like the "models" in the store. Buyer Beware.


I wanted to clarify... the bed will feel wonderful for a time...

then the foam softens to the point that it us no longer supportive. I believe ours lasted 7 years because it was super firm when we got it. We have the classic model. I actually liked it better after a couple of years as it softened up.

However it continued to often to the point that it is like a hammock effect. My back is in horrible shape.


Same problem here. We used to love it and spent $2000 7 years ago expecting it to last 20 years.

We were hoping for a replacement but it has to sag more than 3/4" for them to replace it. When no one is on it, it springs back. When we lie on it our hips sink deeply into the mattress which throws the back out of alignment. I've had significant back pain for about a year and I'm finally admitting it's the mattress.

I used to love it so much I was in denial. It's so bad we are considering sleeping on the floor until we can find a new mattress.


We've had our Tempur-Pedic for 5 years. For the last year and a half, we have noticed the mattress starting to sag and soften in the spots where we sleep.

The center of the mattress is as golden as the day we purchased it. It is now becoming extremely uncomfortable to the point that we both wake up several times a night with extreme hip and lower back pain.

We will contact the company with our complaint. We'll keep you posted!


Thank you for all comments , I am researching on a matress that helps my back and neck pain, perhaps firmer than what I now have,, after reading these comments I believe tempur will NOT work for me .. thank you all posting comments..


Our first tempur pedic started to sag and get soft after 2 years causing severe back pain. The company replaced our mattress with a small shipping charge.

We are now requesting another tempur pedic after 2 years on the replacement mattress. The same thing has happened-sagging with the defect causing severe back pain.


No matter how hard I've complained, the dealer who sold me my Tempur-pedic won't take it back. However, I've found a solution to awakening in pain, although it pretty much negates the reason for buying a Tempur-pedic in the first place.

I purchased a 2" thick, medium-firm natural latex topper and put it between me and the mattress.

I'm still a tiny bit stiff in the morning, but nothing like the debilitating pain caused by sleeping on the Tempur-pedic mattress without the topper. It might have been a better idea to buy a firm topper instead of the medium firm, but I'm happy with my purchase, even if I did spend an additional $300 for an already overpriced night's sleep.


I think this is one of those fake reviews you hear about. No one would keep and sleep on a mattress for three years that hurt them, and I doubt it happened here.


You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about lucille. Maybe after shelling out $4000, which I did, the mattress no longer gave a good nights sleep, and instead caused the person to wake up in agony. Who the *** has another $4000 to spend on another mattress, especially when Tempur Pedic doesn't stand behind their guarantees?!?!


I agree 100%. I recently shelled out roughly 2 grand for a Tempur Pedic (name brand).

I wake up 9 out of 10 days with lower back pain associated with muscle stiffness/soreness. The pain has definitely worsened my mood and attitude (as with anyone with chronic back pain), as well as, decreased my overall physical activity. I've only had the mattress for 8 months but I feel guilty and inclined to sleep on the mattress because of the outrageous price. I'm setting up an appointment with a chiropractor and contacting the manufacturer and distributor this week.

Enough is enough.


you would if you paid 5,000 smackers for it.


I've owned my Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme for six weeks and I hate it. I wake up every morning with a stiff neck and shoulders, no matter what pillow I use, and the middle of my back aches so much it's hard to move. Does anyone know of a stiff mattress topper that can compensate for the Tempurpedic material turning you into a banana when you sleep?


I agree with Anonymous. The bed is awful.

I've had mine for almost 4 years and haven't had a good night's sleep in just as long. I spent a week at Disney and slept in Heaven on a Sealy Posturepedic. I've ordered one that should arrive on Thursday. The Tempurpedic is so hard and doesn't conform to my body.

I have the Rhapsody. I wake up every morning in pain. My back cracks and pops, my neck is stiff. I'm only 43.

This shouldn't happen. I just hate it.

To Tycine1, these mattresses are not to be flipped or turned.

You're told that when you purchase it. It's a one-way-up only mattress.


You spent 4 grand on your bed, but are you sure you got the right tempurpedic? They have every single feel and its TRULY the only bed recommeneded by over 25000 physicians and hospitals. PS, if tempur is more then a 1/2 inch body impression, they will GIVE you a new one.


I Have Used Mine for years with a Mat Cover. Never has Been Touched by Human body,

My Husband and I Lifted It To paint Our room and discovered ugly blackish and Pink Like Stains. I will Contact Temp, Once There Offices Open


I've owned a tempurpedic mattress for about ten years now and would never consider buying another mattress, I LOVE my tempurpedic! Before I bought mine, I'd wake up in the mornings aching all over and my hands, arms, feet...sometimes even my buns would have the pins-and-needles-numbness.

Tempurpedic restored my health.

I'm sorry to hear that 'Anonymous' was unhappy with their bed... I wonder if they turned their bed every month for the first three months (flipped the mattress) as I was instructed to do.


I'm a 20 year infantry Vet with alot of pressure point issues and I both need and love my Cloud Luxe my wife and kids also love it and I can't really imagine why someone would not.

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