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In order to file a claim; photos, info. from the tag and a copy of the store receipt.

That is the ONLY way to start a claim on your Tempur Pedic. If it's a sag issue and they see no sag in the photos, your claim will get denied. I was told they don't have the "man power" to come out and look at my $3000.00 mattress. Do not waste your money on this product.

I guess I should have done more research before spending that kind of money toward a worthless mattress. Buyer beware I guess.

Review about: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Shelburne, Vermont, United States #1223224

I was very satisfied with Tempurpedic's warranty. I followed their instructions on how to file a warranty claim and the claim was honored.

I am now waiting for the new bed and foundation.

I am a more than satisfied customer with the entire process.


Atlanta, Georgia, United States #733966

Your problem is with the store you purchased from. Mattress Firm has come out and examined 2 mattresses for me. They gave me a full refund voucher.


I expected Tempurpedic's warranty service to be terrible, but to my amazement it was just the opposite. We had a replacement mattress and platform 17 days after my initial phone call, and it could have been sooner if I had taken next steps promptly.

Phone responders were friendly and helpful. There was no charge of any kind, including for removal of the old mattress and platform.

Tempurpedic kept its word--I've never encountered anything like it. (Our problem was a permanent indentation of nearly 1 1/2 inches on the old mattress.)

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #663996

Hey, I am actually trying to place a claim and my email came back. Do you all remember if you emailed the pictures to Myclaims@tempurpedic.com?


There was a lot I liked about Tempurpedic. All I had to do was decide which one, make a phone call, and they came and took out an old mattress and set up the new.

I received bills and made payments with no interest. Then 7 years later, I noticed it has a dip in the middle. I couldn't find my paperwork but I called and they had my records. They will replace it for free.

Again, just a few phone calls. Had to take a photo with a broom over the mattress to show that there's an indent, and emailed it.

The only down side is the smell but I know last time it lasted about a month and finally went away. I don't mind having windows open so it's not bad.


My mattress was replaced with excellent customer service. I was overwhelmed by how grateful I was to have my six year old mattress replaced!


We've had our mattress for 5 years now, and you can tell where my husband and I lay (each side has noticeable indents). I wanted to call the company to see what could be done, glad I saw this.

With your pictures, did you use a hand-bell weight or just press with your hand to show the "sag"? I'll be calling them to get the process started.


Just got mine replaced without any problems. My only complaint is that the replacement process is slow (more than 3 weeks).

All I had to do was take photos of how far the bed was compressing in one place, and how far it would compress in another place with the same weight. 4-5" difference.

Replaced no questions asked. Just take better pictures.

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