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Dear Tempur-Pedic

They originally sent us a cloud supreme replacement. Which we notice was the wrong mattress and then after about about two months they sent us what was to be considered to be the right mattress.

So we have had this mattress since about March or April 2013. We were told it would take time to condition. So we have had our warranty replacement mattress for a while now. This mattress has never conditioned the way our very first one did.

This one only turned to be hard as a rock. My husband and I are very disappointed in Tempur-Pedic. We thought that Tempur-Pedic was the Worlds best mattress out there. This mattress is actual hurting us to sleep on.

What have they changed to make this one fail. I believe you scam the customers when their is a warrenty issue instead of warrenting the mattress with the correct replacement you replace it with a lower grade firmer mattress so there wont be anymore warrenty issues.

You already got paid for the mattress by the consumer, and they think the consumer is *** enough to fall for this scam!! Attorney general complaint is the next step!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

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What you work for tempur-pedic and your trashing everybody's posting.


Hard to take a review seriously when you cannot take the time to spell correctly.

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