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If you have experienced a tempurpedic mattress that feels like it is falling apart and not doing what it did the first year you got it, we may have good news. We noticed the foundation boxes creaking and the bed peaking in the middle. The sides of the bed were like soft cream cheese and there was no support. You sunk so far into the mattress and it was so lopsided that it caused us to be sore and ache all night and each morning.

As it turns out the tempurpedic foundation boxes are made of inferior material. They bow and pit and creak after time. They are not wood based at all but cheap fiber.

We replaced them with 2 other standard box springs, went to Home Depot and had them cut two pieces of 1/4 in. MDF (Medium Density Fibre Board). Our king tempurpedic mattress measured 79" X 74". They were each cut to 74" wide. One was cut longer to accommodate body length from head to under the knee. The 2nd piece was cut to the remainder of the length of the bed. We placed these across the twin box springs, then placed the tempurpedic mattress on top.

THAT SOLVED THE PROBLEM. The bed acts as it did the first time we slept on it.

Reason: The Tempurpedic mattresses are meant to be put on a totally flat surface. A platform bed or even the floor would work. This solution cost us $50.00 and it turned out to be the best one of all we tried. We lived with the bed and back problems for 2 years before trying this. IT WORKS!!

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Mine is peaking in the middle also.


oh my gosh thank you so much!!!!!! i did what you did and my temperpedic no longer makes noice and is as firm as it was when i first slept in it 8 years ago!!!!!!!! thank you again!!!


So, we purchased our second tempurpedic because our first was a pretty good investment, although we had "bowing" due to them having sent us the wrong frame and the lengthy process it took to resolve that issue. Still, we decided to upgrade to the king size when we moved into our new home.

We had an absolute NIGHTMARE getting sleepy's to send us the correct frame and finally had to send the whole thing back and buy from another company. Alas, this solution on lasted a few months as we noticed creakks and sounds and the same "softness" on the edges and the peak in the middle. It got to the point where my partner and I no longer slept in the same bed. We were about to throw the mattress out and eat the 4k we spent on it when I stumbled upon your solution.

HOLY COW! It has only been a few nights but it is a PERFECT solution. Thank you so much for sharing!

The only suggestion I would have is that people measure their box springs for width as ours were a little wider than yours, but otherwise, you SAVED us!! Thank you so much!


I will NEVER buy from Mattress Hub again. I paid for the mattresses.

Then they told us, bauscee we was picking the mattresses up our-self, no-one was able to get them from from the warehouse bauscee the guys where gone. So we had to wait until monday. We couldn't get there Monday until after 7 pm bauscee we have to work(they close at 8pm) But they called at 6:50pm and said they was closeing early (7pm) bauscee of storms (we didn't see one raindrop). The next day we called at 9:30am (almost 48 hours later) to let them know we're on our way to pick-up the mattresses.

We was told they was waiting for us since 8am. They open at 9am. I told them I wanted my money back or the mattresses. Thats when we found that they have a no money back guarantee.

I gurarntee you will not get your money back. Even if you can't get your mattresses, you just paid for. I then had to loose my cool to get one of the guys to show up so I could go get our matterasses. When we walked out the door the owner/manager asked if I wanted to fight.

I told him as long as he hits me first. Then the lady that took our money (2 days befor) said she was calling the police and the manager said lets go get the mattresses. I followed him to a mini-storage. We got the mattresses and at that point, I did say I was sorry for my behavior.

I will never go back.

Never pay for something you don't have in front of you. Good luck to all who us them.


please do not waste your time(and those of us reading) writing a comment that is not spelled even close to correctly or even in proper english. grow up


Says the person that does not use proper punctuation or capitalization.....Grow up!


My wife and I bought one with the fully adjustable frame. The mattress made us miserable, even though we were sure after all the good reviews we'd love it.

Luckily there was a gaurantee, and they took back the mattress, but left us stuck with the base. :(


Thank you for the suggestion to fix my lumpy, sunken Tempur Pedic mattress. Will try that ASAP.

Thank you,



The only reason I haven't purchased a tempur-pedic mattress already is the requirement to purchase that flimsy looking foundation for it. I mean the Idea of getting a tempurpedic mattress is to get away from box springs!

Yet every store I have been to that handles this line, requires you to purchase the tempur-pedic brand box spring at the same cost as the mattress ... that is bunk!


I bought a Tempurpedic cloud mattress. It is awful.

My old cheap mattress ($ 120) was a lot better. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


Outstanding. Finally a helpful "complaint" on this site.

Much appreciated. Thank you.

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