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We bought a stratton bed and put tempur pedic on it, within four months bed was sagging to center. Lifted matteress and Ohhhh my God.

There was yellow brown pink yellow black mold down the center of the bed. Called PB and they turn this over to Carl warren a company who handles these issues. What a joke. Person only wants to give four hundred dollars.

And says iy isn't the bed its the matteress. Will I contacted tempur pedic and they said platforms are ok. Not like the answer I was told by C.W. Have done a lot of web checking and found out this is cause by no ventilation between the boxes on the outside.

Just a dead zone in middle with no vents. No mold above boxes on matteress. Heard that this happens on futons and others on this stratton bed. White queen size stratton with boxes.

Anyone else have heard anything about this?

Oh yes it looks like I have to take this to small claims.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Bed.

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Same probrolem after 4 years!! Its gross and iv been so sick now i know why


ive had the same problem


Just lifted mine up too. BLACK mold.

Wife has been to ear/nose/throat specialist and they've said over the past year that her breathing problems have to do with mold. We clean the house twice a week to clean out all the dust but have been sleeping on a mold cave and never knew it!! Our floorboards are warped and bubbled. I just discovered this last night and sees to be a problem that a lot of temper owners have.

Mattress Discounters told us not to bother with a foundation or boxspring. Now our $2800 mattress is ruined and god knows how much I have to pay to fix the floors.


Jason-I am having the same problems with my Stratton bed. I have had mine for about 3 yrs and just lifted it to find an earring and found the mold.

Mostly on my husbands side, he is a sweater and about 240lbs.

I was wondering if you have had any other luck with Tempur-pedic people. I am just starting my battle and wondered if you had any advice?


Ours too has multi-colored moulds, its due to sweating and lack of ventalation, basically what happens it seems in most cases where the person has followed instructions and cared for the bed properly and used it properly, is that as we all sweat while we sleep, the Mattress material doesn't tolerate ANY forms of moisture, since sweat is moisture, then it will not tolerate it and will decay, sooner or later, if you sweat alot, as many disabled/ill people that often have to lay in bed longer, people even slightly over weight also sweat more in general to thin persons, medications can add to sweating, as too the material of the mattress, it also seems if your over about 150pounds, you'll wear the mattress away, because you are squeezing the material together more.

Also with no ventation below, due to I believe wrong advice given, about what bed base to use, we were told to cover our slatted base with boarding, but its not good on any solid base and I'm assuming that a Stretton bed, is solid and hence why you hae mould and sagging.

Moisture causes rotting of the material basically, which will cause cracks, sagging (loss of support) and moulds to form sooner or later and since Sweat is moisture and the company waranty states, that the material doesn't tolerate ANY type of moisture at all, or the break down of the material will occur, it means that it is not fit for the purpose, as your sweat will rot it away and if you sweat alot and happen to be larger than about 150pounds too, it will be even quicker.

Best of luck with claiming, I'd say your complaint is with who-ever told you that the mattress was ok on top of the Stretton base, also if its only 4 months old, it should not have sagged.


You don't make any sense! try proofreading what you write before you post. can anyone understand this ***???

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