I purchased a Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe king sized bed in early November. I was so excited to try my new bed!

The "white glove" delivery service did not deliver my bed until WELL after Thanksgiving. Okay....it took a while to get the bed to me, but ahhhh a new mattress! After a week of sleeping on the new mattress I noticed increasing pain in my lower back. Okay, is it just me or is it this new bed?

I went to the chiropractor, got a nice adjustment.....still with the pain. Hmmm... tried sleeping on the 15 year old inner spring mattress in the spare bedroom and voila...less back pain! So I decide to return my almost $5000 bed.

Problem is, when you call Tempurpedic they are NOT the ones who answer! The people who answer say that all they can do is forward my information. Okay, I'll try it....and try it again...AND AGAIN! No one from Tempurpedic EVER called me back OR emailed me.

I happened to give it a try (for the fourth time) while at work and actually got someone at Tempurpedic. WOW! They took my info and set up return of the mattress, which by the way would take about as long as the delivery did. The "white glove" service was two disheviled men with no front teeth and dirty hair who REEKED of cigarette smoke showing up at my house.

I sure hope tempurpedic doesn't think the mattress smells like that from me! Oh, not that I can ask THEM because I just called to check the status of my return and...you guessed it! "I'm sorry maam, I can only forward your information from this office". For such an expensive product, you better *** well pick up the phone when I call.

I don't care HOW busy your call volume is! Hire some new people!! Very, very disappointed! Will be spreading the word about this where ever I can!

(Oh yeah, and I had to pay $200 for that "white glove" service. Ha!)

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Foley, Alabama, United States #697326

Agree with you on their customer "service". I purchased a king bed which comes as two extra long twins.

The first night we discovered the frames moved apart from each other because we have hardwood floors. Incredibly, when I emailed Tempur's customer service, the reply I got was there is no provision for attaching the two frames together to prevent them from seperating, other than to recommended I buy some plastic zip ties to put around the legs to keep them together. When I called customer service, again, no provision was engineered to connect them and I was told to purchase rubber furniture pads to put under the legs. Also, the two mattresses have about 3/4" difference in height because they are different models, which we were told at purchase could be adjusted with leg extensions to make them even.

Not true - there is zero adjustment on Temperpedic frame legs, only a couple of options for extensions of a minimum of 3", which is useless to even the height of the two mattresses. Again, customer service had no solution or explanation for why a $350 washing machine has adjustable legs but their $9000 bed set wasn't adjustable. Very weak engineering and very poor customer service. After investigating other Tempur retailers I discovered they can't get solutions or answers from their Tempur reps and have been forced to engineer work-arounds and modifications on their own.

Of course, as you might has guessed, Tempur doesn't hesitate to tell you that modifying their products voids their warranty, yet they have no solution for very simple problems. If you buy from Tempur - understand you are on your own.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #628369

Tempurpedic causes no pressure on your body. Whn you get one of these mattress's it takes at least 3 weeks for your body to adjust to it.

You will have aches and pains for awhile.

It is just like a new pair of shoes or working out. You have to allow you body to readjust to proper support.

to guru1985 #719915

Then please tell me why, after three years of sleeping on mine I can barely move in the mornings due to lower back and hip pain which is getting progressively worse with time. It took a while to figure it out, blaming it on ageing, arthritis, whatever.

Everything but the bed, but staying in different hotels with regular beds and being on a cruise ship for 18 days with a regular bed and finding myself pain free, I can only draw one conclusion. TempurPedic beds are not good for me, and by the looks of this site, there are a lot of other people in the same position.

Sad that there really is no recourse other than purchasing another bed.....definitely NOT a TempurPedic. What a waste of $5000.00.

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