Columbus, Ohio

It took me 3 years to pay the $3000 I spent on this mattress, thinking it would be worth it for the supposedly great sleep benefits. Coincidentally (?) that is about the same length of time it took for the mattress to become unbearably uncomfortable. I am now stuck with a giant, expensive, monstrosity that I dread getting into at night.

There are holes where we sleep, that slowly grow deeper and that cannot be avoided. We spend many nights trying to avoid "falling into" these holes, only to roll in anyway and wake up with sore backs and necks.

The Tempurpedic warranty only covers VISIBLE depressions of .75 inches or deeper. Our mattress does not meet these criteria and yet it is really unusable. The only reason we still have it is because we are not rich and cannot afford to throw out a $3000 mattress that has only been used for 5 years.

I am furious that this expensive mattress is a waste of money and that there is no recourse. I am mad that I have to wake up with a headache every morning because the spinal alignment claims of this product are bogus.

The only thing I can do is warn others not to be suckered in by the fancy claims of Tempurpedic.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tempurpedic Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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